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January 16th-Today In History

Updated on January 15, 2017

1493- Columbus Returns to Spain on his First Trip

Christopher Columbus, embarked on his first trip to the Canary Islands and was in command of three ships: the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria (Minister, 2016).

1547- First Russian Caesar

According to the History Place, Ivan the Terrible was crowned as the first Russian Caesar and had developed new legal code and cultural development.

1555-Emperor Karel Appoints Philip II King of Spain

According to Simkin, Philip tried to deal with the development of Protestantism in Europe which lead him to restart the Spanish Investigation.

1581-English Parliament Passes Laws against Catholicism

The law brought forth a death penalty for those who were converted Catholics and those converting to the Catholic religion. Moreover, those who celebrated Catholic Masses were threatened with high fines and sentence (Kucharczyk).

1919- Food Shortage in Budapest

The death of 968 babies out of a 1000 born in Vienna was due to a food shortage. However, rescuers were sent in to the city which resulted in a decreased in the amount babies dying (The People History).

1853-Birthday of Andre Michelin

Celebrating the day of a French industrialist who pioneered pneumatic tires on automobiles. (The History Place)

1958-Colorado Grasshopper Plague

The plague caused serious impairment and cost the state of Colorado millions of dollars. According to the People History, the plague destroyed crops of farmers and infuriated tourists.

1969-Paris Peace Talks

According to the People History, an agreement was established between representative of countries to come together and hopefully settle their differences. The intention carried out in having the peace talk was expected to adopt a feeling of unity.

1971-Schenk Skates World Record

The Netherlands skater, Ard Schenk, ran the 5000 meter skating competition in a record of 7 minutes and 12 seconds according to New York Times.

1974-New York Yankees Mantle and Ford elected to Hall of Fame

According to Baseball Hall, Mickey Mantle ran the league with a 488 on-base percentage and a slugging mark of 605 while Whitey Ford set a record of 33 1/3 stretch on the innings before awarding him World Series Most Valuable Player in 1961.

1995- Avalanches in India

More than 200 people killed in Srinagar and Jammu, according to the People History, due to avalanches striking the area. However, amongst this heartfelt tragedy, 5000 people were claimed to be rescued.

2003-Columbia Space Shuttle

Consisting of more than 80 experiments all over the world was featured in the final mission of launching the Columbia space shuttle. According to the People History, the shuttle exploded upon its return killing all on board.

2011- Rodolfo Vazquez strikes Guinness Record

From collecting a large amount of Beatle items since 10 years of age to hitting the world record of Beatle memorabilia and being displayed in a new museum is what Rodolfo Vazquez ignited (The People History).


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