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July 1st Canada Day is Here

Updated on May 23, 2017
Happy Canada Day
Happy Canada Day

July 1st Canada Day is Here

To all Canadians out there, Happy Canada Day! Today is a day to celebrate our great Nation. It is a day where we can look outside and see all the limitless things Canada has done for us, given us free health care things like that. Canada Day is a day for partying, though. There are probably many Canadians today having friends and family over, for barbecues and outdoor games. As it is summer but I don’t think that it is warm enough for an entire day outside. Or are some Canadians working? It is a holiday in the middle of the week and instead of getting today off they get Friday or Monday. I wasn’t going to write today but then I figured what the heck, its Canada Day so having a post about Canada day seemed appropriate. I remember years ago when Canada Day was on a weekend if you were going out anywhere with a lot of people there was a cake with a Canadian flag on it, that was served. They usually served the cake when they had Canada Day fireworks in my town which were not on Canada Day but the weekend before.

When you have Canada Day fireworks everyone comes out, well when you have fireworks in general usually, everyone comes out. Why not come out and watch a light show? Canada Day is a day for relaxing with family and friends reminiscing about, what the country has done over the past years and what you think will happen next, or what you have done in the country recently. At least that is what I think happens, I don’t usually go out on Canada Day, I just stay home and relax with my parents because they are off of work. Almost everyone is off on Canada Day if you work in Canada because it is a time for family.

Usually, people go on picnics, or have parties, since everyone usually has the day off on Canada Day. On Canada Day there are a number of pool parties that happen because it is really the beginning of summer vacation for the kids and their first holiday so why not party? How many people have Canada Day parties or have been to a Canada Day Party? Since my birthday is on the American Holiday depending on when Canada Day falls, I would have my birthday party that day with the family. Yes, I am Canadian but born on the American holiday. That is cool sometimes, because if I do end up having my party on Canada Day I get two parties and who doesn’t like that?

I like Canada Day because it to me is the beginning of a great summer month and who doesn’t like summer? What do you think of Canada Day? I love being Canada because there is this carefree feeling I get when I think about our country. We fought hard for this country and if we want it to stay free we have to keep our country free. Which we are doing, if any American has ever been to Canada what do they think of it? I know that they like our shops but we like there’s better which is weird, isn’t it?

Canada has limitless things to offer, especially in outdoor adventure types of things when it comes to Canada day. Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there and have a great day. Stay safe and have fun.

Canada Day Fireworks
Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day

Canada Day is a day of celebration and fun. Most of the time, Canadians will have limitlessly long lasting parties on that day. The Parties start early in the afternoon and last well into the night because it is summer time and most Canadians don't work on Canada Day. Canada Day is a day of fun and laughter. It is a day for fireworks and barbecues, things outside because it is always warm on Canada Day since it is summer time.

Canada Day brings happiness to all Canadians because it is a day filled with fun and excitement with the games and rides and food. However, this all depends on where you are in Canada but there is always something fun going on, on Canada Day. It is a day to celebrate after all, so why wouldn't there be something fun going on?

Canada Day is a day to spend with family and friends talking and laughing about everything and anything. It is a day to celebrate Canada so go on a Canadain adventure to one of the great Canadain hot spots in the world.

An example of a nice Canadain hot spot that I have frequented many times is Point Pelee national park in Leamington it is the most southern part of Canada. It is a great place to visit, especially on Canada Day since it is the most southern part, why wouldn't you want to visit it on Canada's birthday? Taking Adventures as a family on Canada day throughout Canada is fun too on that day since nobody really works if you work in Canada that is you have that day off.

It is a day of laughter, barbecues, swimming, sprinklers, and fireworks. At least that is what I associate Canada Day with, however, last year I spent it in the states shopping but other years I have spent it having fun outside because it is always so warm. So why would people want to spend the time inside on Canada Day when there are so many things that can be done outside on that day? It is a Day to celebrate our freedom as Canadians, and who wouldn't want to have a party for that?

Canada Day is a day to relax and think of all great things that Canada has to offer us, Canadians like freedom and free health care. It is a day of happiness, for all Canadians because we get to live free in our country. That is what Canada is meant to symbolize, we all just have parties on that day and have a good time remembering how free we are as a country.

Canada, Canada, Canada

The Country of Canada is a beautiful country. It has a limitless number of things to offer Canadians in terms of travel and so much more. Canada is such a beautiful country and there is so much to do, in it that there is really no need to go anywhere, else unless you really want to experience other parts of the world.

How do you celebrate Canada Day?

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