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Jumping In - Last Holiday!

Updated on July 15, 2008

Take the plunge!

I just watched Last Holiday with Queen Latifah on DVD. Yeah. I'm home from work on a short vacation, and yes - I'm loving it!

Back to the movie. To give you a brief summary (in case you haven't seen it), a woman who loves her family, church and who loves to cook (played by Queen Latifah) is working at a dead end job. The one time she uses her culinary skills at work, her department manager chides her. She's feeling this guy at work she doesn't think will ever like her back so she's got to keep that a secret. She's starting to feel like something's missing. You know. Like after awhile her life needs to change. And it does. Does it ever.

Just not the way the woman thought it would and definitely not the way she wanted it to. Sound familiar?

Something a doctor tells her, scares her good. But she's got good folk around her, and before she knows it, she's on a plane out of the country about to embark on the time of her life -- so far, that is.

This movie made me think. In ways it's like The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (one busy actor these days). Both make you wonder what you'd do RIGHT NOW if you thought this was the only time you had. Would you keep doing what you're doing? Would you do what you've always done? Would you make sure all of your days remained the same or would you change something. What would you change?


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