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Justin Bieber Birthday Party Ideas- Invitations, Decorations and Gifts

Updated on March 30, 2014

Justin Bieber Birthday Party Supplies

Are your son or daughter Justin Bieber's biggest fans and is there birthday coming up? Then why not surprise them by throwing a Justin Bieber Birthday party.

Justin Bieber is one of the hottest pop stars around at the minute and is loved by preteens and young teenagers alike. The boys want to be him and the girls want to date him. Justin Bieber is everywhere and thankfully he has many party supplies to help you throw a Justin Bieber themed birthday party. These birthday party items would be great to use at home or at a room you have let out for your child's birthday party. Justin Bieber party supplies are reasonably priced if you buy in bulk.

This page will provide Justin Bieber birthday party supplies including invitations, cupcakes, birthday cake, Justin Bieber posters, music and anything else you may need for your child's birthday party.

Send out a Justin Bieber party invitation to your friends

If you are planning on having a Justin Bieber inspired Birthday party then why not let your friends know by sending out a special Justin Bieber party invitation. No doubt they will treasure this invite and probably never throw away the invitation.

There are a few ways to get Justin Bieber party invitations but the best place to buy is Amazon. I looked quickly and I found these two different sets of invitations. I think the second set featured would be more appropriate for young teens while the first set could be used for any age.

Justin Bieber Party Decorations

Justin Bieber Party Decorations

If you are having a Justin Bieber party you will need decorations. There are many ways you can decorate your home to let the kids know it is Justin Bieber party day. You can chose to display Justin Bieber standboard cutouts, Justin Bieber posters, calendars and other wall decor.

What decorations you buy depends on how large an area you have to fill. For a childs birthday party it would be better to restrict the space to one large room and perhaps an outdoor area. You could easily have a Justin Bieber inspired corner and make it into a shrine for Justin. This area could feature his standboard cutout, some posters and a calendar.

Justin Bieber gifts for partygoers

Are you looking for some ideas for party bags at a Justin Bieber themed birthday party? If so there are a range of Justin Bieber items which are cheap and will make a good present to the children who come to your son or daughters birthday party. Most commonly party bags contain sweets and treats so why not surprise the kids by putting some Justin Bieber merchandise.

You could easily buy a few packets of the Justin Bieber buttons and silly bandz and split them between 20 or so kids. The Justin Bieber keyring is available for under $1 so if you were having a small party you may want to buy each child one of these.

Justin Bieber gifts for the birthday girl or boy

There are a number of Justin Bieber gifts you can give to your child for their birthday. One of the most highly sought after gifts at the minute is the Justin Bieber inspired singing dolls. If your son or daughter did not get one of these for Christmas now is the time to buy them one.

Of course you could always buy your child some Justin Bieber music in the form of CDs or MP3 downloads.

Are you going to have a Justin Bieber inspired birthday party?

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      hailey 6 years ago

      thank you i would lovee to have him here

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Can he sing at my home on my b-day ? I'll pay him...

      Sorry my English isn't good.