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Justin Bieber Birthday Party Theme - Ideas and Supplies

Updated on May 24, 2012

Celebrate with Justin Bieber Birthday Theme! Browse through some cool ideas on how to decorate, what food to serve and which games to play at this fantastic party!


Justin Bieber Party Supplies

There are tons of official party supplies, you can get pretty much everything from tableware to cool balloons.

Getting a "supply pack" will save you some money. Out of all packs available I like the Super Party Kit (pictured on the right) the most as you will be getting the most for your money.

For under $30 you will be getting; 8 Lunch Plates, 16 Lunch Napkins, 8 Cups, 1 Plastic Table Cover 54 x 102, 8 Plastic Black Forks, 8 Plastic Black Spoons, 8 Plastic Black Knives, 8 Invitations, 8 Stickers, 1 Prismatic Happy Birthday Letter Banner, 1 Multi Color Star Casacade Centerpiece, 20 Purple Balloons, 1 White Curling Ribbon, 1 White Crepe Streamer, 1 Lavender Crepe Streamer, 24 Assorted Candy Stripe Birthday Candles.


Every Bieber Party needs a Bieber!

A life-size cutout of Justin will be an instant hit!

Young beliebers (Justin fans) will be thrilled to have him at the party and will be having their pictures taken next to him.

This will be a fun addition to the party as well as a great photo memory. Perfect party decoration!

There are many different photos available to choose from!

Check out cool Justin Bieber Cutouts


Justin Bieber Birthday Cake and Cupcakes (Food Ideas)

Although a regular cake would do just fine at this party you can go the extra mile with cool cake toppers.

You can also get some cool cupcake rings (frost them with lavender colored frosting)!

As for other food you can serve Spaghetti bolognese as this is his favourite food!

Any yummy food goes well with this theme!

Justin Bieber Party Games

  • Karaoke this is a must for this party
  • Dance Off - a great party activity for any pop themed party
  • Name the song a quiz style game where kids compete in teams. The quiz host reads one line from any Justin song and teams need to guess the title
  • Who's the nr1 fan: another quiz game. Prepare questions about Justin (you can get lots of facts from Justin Bieber fan site JustinBieberZone. The nr. 1 fan can be awarded a cool looking Award Ribbon


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    • madisonmiller profile image

      madisonmiller 5 years ago from Princeton, Nj

      Justin Bieber would have never gotten a career in the music business without his YouTube videos.