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Justin Bieber Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 24, 2010

How to Get the Real Justin Bieber Look


Justin Bieber is a singer and performer who has such a unique look that he is instantly recognized everywhere. This is why he makes an ideal Halloween Costume. Depending on how you feel about his music or just his personality you can decide to exaggerate some of his features or try to go for a very realistic portrayal. It's an easy costume with lots of add-on ideas. How will you personalize your take on Bieber?

What You Will Need

Eyes: The Bieb has brown eyes! If you don't have brown eyes, consider looking at color contacts or simply doing a make-up trick to make your eyes look darker. Guys, I suggest a bit of mascara and eye-liner. Just to give you that wide-eyed, long lash look.

Hair: I posted some perfect wigs from Amazon but you can also just use any brown wig and cut it. Here's How: Get a brown wig and put it over a watermelon or someones head who already has short hair. Now, simply do the bowl-cut trick. Place a cereal bowl or something slightly larger over the head over the wig. Cut off all the hair around the bowl leaving the perfect JB haircut. For more style, leave a nit more in the front and style it so it flips to the side a bit. Wax would be best for this. Or check out: Justin Bieber Wigs

Clothing: Justin has many outfits and it totally depends on what persona you are going for.

Casual JB: Light colored hoodie (if you have one from American Apparel or look into getting one) white v-neck t-shirt with some sort of picture or logo on it. A couple of thin chains or dog tags style chain around the neck. Jeans and skater shoes.

Out on the Town JB: White-Tee, no surprise there, and black pants. Then get a bright colored cardigan buttoned up (purple, green, red all work well). Chains again!

Performing JB: Here he likes to wear jackets that are sporty in either black or army green with a stiff collar. Wear a bright colored long-sleeve tee underneath and roll up the sleeves to reveal the color on the end. Put on a great gray or green scarf and slap on a backwards cap (hopefully one with a gold sticker on the inside of the cap part).


Bieber is humble and sweet. Just hang your head down slightly peering through those long lashes and flippy bangs. Make sure to open your eyes wide and hold your hand to your chest as though always thinking "you're so beautiful it just hurts so much".


What is your favourie Justin Bieber look?

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Microphone: Homemade microphones are super easy to make. All you need is a toilet roll or paper towel roll. Cut it into the length that you'd like and paint it black. Take some black string and with a piece of tape make it hang from the end like a loose wire. On the top attach a big ball of crumpled together foil and using electrical tape, regular tape, or the power of shoving it in hard enough and attach to the top/

Sunglasses: JB often wears old school shades which can easily be found at any dollar store. I have a pair that even has a blue tint when reflected in the light.

Fans: Get a few of your friends to dress up like fans with shirts and signs that say things like "I've got Bieber Fever" or "I 'heart' Bieber" etc...

Guitar: He does in fact play the guitar so if you can find a plastic toy guitar at the dollar store or if you happen to have a real one carry it around and serenade girls with it by saying "i could love a fan. it just has to be right"

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    • profile image

      STEPH 7 years ago


    • profile image

      JBieberGirl94 7 years ago

      :) tehe omg thia sounds hott... jb is a god he is my shawty ;) any guys who see this dress like him and be like him more girls will fall for u ;) like me haha

    • dippsy124 profile image

      dippsy124 7 years ago

      really cool-love to see someone dressed like him. that will bring up some giggles. really cool piece!!

    • profile image

      lily 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Scared 7 years ago

      The detail of your analysis of Justin Bieber disturbs me..


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