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Kaitlin Dougherty- Week 5 Blog

Updated on June 17, 2011

Being the main project leader of an event has many positive and negative aspects. Delegating tasks to your team members can be tedious and time consuming sometimes. By the end of writing up their tasks, I feel as if I could have just done it myself! I realize how much work is involved contacting countless agencies to ask for sponsorship and donations. It can be very disheartening to contact dozens of companies but only get "no" responses. So many of the businesses I contacted told me that they were not interested in this time without really hearing out all of the details of our event. If only the businesses would hear me out, they might understand what a great opportunity it is to invest it!
My other internship had sent out e-vites to donate for specific events. I decided to give this a go with Word Of Mouth. When I get my sponsorship letter back after it is being edited, I can send them out to all the businesses over their company email. I find that when you call, the person answering the phone is most likely not going to be the manager. However, the email is usually checked my the manager or even the owner if it is a small enough business. By having all of the information in text right in front of them, it will allow them to make a though out decision and give them time to think about sponsorship. This will prevent any rash decisions being made over the phone because they are either extremely busy or simply not the person in charge.


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