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Keen Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Updated on November 21, 2017

Wondering How to Show Mom She's Special?

Mother's Day comes but once a year, but it's a time show to show our mothers - and those maternal figures in our lives - just how much we care for them. There are many thoughtful ways to express your sentiments in this arena. If you are lacking for ideas, below are a few that may help you with your dilemma.

(FYI: For those who were wondering, the date for Mother's Day this year is May 13, 2012.)


Say "I Love You" With Cookies

Mrs. Fields has been finding special ways to say "I Love You" with cookies and other treats for years. Whether for birthdays, Valentine's Day, or - of course - Mother's Day, you can always count on Mrs. Fields Cookies for a delectable treat.

With that in mind, you can choose a Mrs. Field gift that includes various goodies such as cookies and brownies. You can even choose a cake!


Get Her a Spa Day

We all know how draining parenting can be. Even though it's a tough job and you love it, there are times when you could use a little time to relax.

That being the case, it's probably worthwhile to give mom a gift that offers her a little "me" time - just a few hours when you can be spoiled and pampered. A gift card from is just what she needs, allowing her to go to just about any spa in town for a little R&R.


A New Kindle or iPad

With so much now available online - movies, apps, games, books, etc. - it will obviously be beneficial if Mom has a device that gives her access to these resources. A new Kindle or iPad will let her take advantage of all that is out there.

Needless to say, Apple has lead the way in regards to tablet devices with its iPad line. And Amazon's Kindle has advanced far beyond being just a simple e-reader. In short, either device will make for an outstanding and memorable Mother's Day gift.


The Traditional: Flowers and Candy

Of course, there's no way to go wrong if you want to fall back on the traditional gifts of flowers and candy. In fact, no matter how often you give flowers and candy, it never gets old. There's just a certain sentiment that these two items convey.

Bearing that in mind, a bouquet of beautiful flowers would certainly make her day. Likewise, a box of chocolates would would undoubtedly be just what the doctor ordered.

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In short, it's her day. Give her something that she will treasure, and that will make her think fondly of you. (Also, you can find more unique and elegant gifts for Mother's Day - or any other occasion - at Cool Toys and Gifts.)


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