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Keep Valentine's Day Feeling All Year Round

Updated on February 25, 2011

I love the meaning of Valentine's Day; remembering and celebrating the love you feel for another, whether it is your sweetheart, your child, parents, or a cherished friend. I love the colors of Valentine's Day, pink, red, and white abound everywhere in the decorations with shapes of hearts and cupids. Festive balloons float above our heads in the stores looking to be added to that special Valentine treat. Tempting confections are packaged in beautiful heart shaped boxes, some with ribbons and lace adorning them. And the flowers, beautiful bouquets of roses in red and pink. A true delight for the eyes and taste is everywhere you look. Valentine's Day is truly a welcome bright spot in a otherwise dreary February.

It is the one day when you can celebrate a new love by giving that special lady an engagement ring or celebrate and rekindle a lasting love with a romantic dinner at a special restaurant. School children cajole tired moms into baking cupcakes in festive pink and red frosting so they can bring them into their classroom on Valentine's Day to share. Often the child who brings in cupcakes is allowed to share them with other classrooms or special teachers. Then there are the Valentine's for children. We all remember sitting down and addressing a large amount of bright and cheery little cards for our children to bring to school. Often each child had a brown paper bag decorated for the holiday in which to put Valentines given to them.

It is also a day for jewelry...the engagement ring being traditional and in all the stores we are offered beautiful heart pendants, some with jewels, some real and some not. It is the feeling behind the jewelry that counts of course. A small child buying a sparkly necklace from a department store feels so wonderful when the loved one opens the gift.

The Marketing of Valentine's Day

Since 1913, when Hallmarks' first Valentine's Day card was offered, we have exchanged almost 141 million Valentine's Day cards, and that doesn't include the kiddie valentine's mentioned earlier.  Valentine's Day is the second largest holiday for giving greeting cards. Valentine's Day cards can be expensive too with all the fancy festive bows and lace adorning some cards.  The sentiments expressed in the cards often are perfect, saying the "mushy" things many of us want to say but aren't sure how to express.

Now the candy, tons of candy is given each year.  The traditional heart boxes range from small 3 piece varieties to huge red Valentine boxes and of course the always loved Whitman's Sampler, with its layers of chocolates and the handy little diagram of what is what on the cover.  Not just chocolates are offered now, but many many types of candies have included a Valentine box in their own marketing plan.

Roses by the dozen are the traditional gift.  Red Roses being the most wanted and always needing to be ordered ahead of time.  The grocery stores now have nice choices with the prices being inexpensive.  Also offered now are Rose trees, so the beauty can last longer than cut stems.  The sentiment of giving roses warms the heart of any lady and especially if you managed to have them delivered.

Keep the Feeling

With everything offered on the market for us to show our loved one how much we care, it is difficult not to be able to do so.  But I would like to see the feeling and caring go on for the rest of the year, not just because it is expected. 

How about celebrating special non-holidays, just because you love someone?  A special dinner, weekend away or just doing the housework or fixing dinner....just because you love that person, not because you feel it is expected on a certain date.

Let us all try to celebrate the feeling of Valentine's Day year round.


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