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Living Memories of my Mom

Updated on July 28, 2014
flower | Source
flowers from the garden
flowers from the garden | Source


My Mom
My Mom | Source

As spring and Mother's Day near, I am reminded of two things, my Mom's death and the life she brought. I loved my Mom. She meant a lot too me. My Mom was born in 1927 in the hills of southern Ohio. She died a couple of years ago on April 1st after a combination of several health problems finally got the best of her. It all happened very fast. I always thought my Mom was indestructible but even she could not defeat death. She had a long and good life. She gave life to four of us, myself, my brother and my sisters. She also spread life through her love of flowers. I was reminded of this today when I looked out and saw our tulips sprouting out of the ground. Spring brings life.


Grandma and Jess
Grandma and Jess | Source

Almost 17 years ago, Spring brought new life to our house. My first daughter was born. Mom was very excited when Jess was born. She loved her grandkids and would always light up whenever she saw either one of my girls. Jess always seemed to have a special bond with my Mom from the start. They are alike in many ways. Sometimes I look at my daughter and see my Mom. I remember when Mom died I told my daughters that she would would live on in all of us, and she does. I guess I am lucky to have such a beautiful reminder of her around my house everyday.


tulips | Source

Another beautiful reminder I have around my house are many flowers that I transplanted after my Mom passed away. She always loved her flowers. The outside of her house was surrounded by tulips, mums, roses,daffodils, clematis vines and tons of other varieties! I did a lot of landscaping and planted a lot of flowers when we moved here and my Mom always enjoyed sitting on our porch and looking at all the blooms. I always depended on her to tell me the names of the different plants because I could never remember. She knew them all by heart. I think I really planted those flowers as much for her as I did myself because I knew how she enjoyed them.


Yellow tulips
Yellow tulips | Source
phlox | Source
Jess | Source

Many of the plants and flowers she enjoyed were dug up and transplanted by members of my family. The old rose bush I transferred, it bloomed the summer she died..... A single bloom. I allowed several neighbors to take plants for their own homes. Hopefully, as Spring comes they will be enjoyed and blossom in her memory. As those memories blossom, my daughter continues to bloom into a beautiful girl much like her Grandma. Like the flowers, a living memory.


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    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 5 years ago from Ohio

      Your welcome! Yes, not an easy topic to write about. Sorry for your loss.

    • Kyricus profile image

      Tony 5 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks Bud. My mother passed away this past July 2011 and her favorite flower was the yellow rose. I've often thought of writing a tribute to her but, still find it hard, my emotions still raw.

      Speaking of yellow roses, next week is Easter, and I think I'll have to make sure some are surrounding her in her rest.

      Thanks again fellow Ohioan.

    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 5 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks Trev!

    • profile image

      Rich Trevelyan 5 years ago

      Thanks Bud. Sounds like a special woman. This is a great tmobile and I look forward to seeing her flowers. Trev

    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 5 years ago from Ohio

      Not an easy topic to write about...but I'm glad you appreciated it. The flowers really are a reminder of her. It's hard to look at flowers and not think of her.

    • profile image

      Linda 5 years ago

      This is beautiful. Thank you, you brought tears to my eyes, but tears of good memories. I love this picture of Mom and the one of Jess. They are both so beautiful! I've been thinking so much about Mom lately, really miss her. Jessica has grown into a beautiful young lady, inside and out. I too have flowers from Mom, not as many as you have, but every time I see them I think of Mom. She loved her plants and flowers! Thanks again for sharing.

    • profile image

      Kat56 5 years ago

      Thanks, Bud. That was beautiful.

      Mom always loved yellow roses. The summer after she died, I planted one in her honor. While planting it, I cried and said "I'm planting this for you Mom. I love you." It's had gorgeous blooms every year; this year it bloomed well into winter. I also transplanted a lot of flowers from her yard. I don't have her green thumb, but they're all doing amazingly well.

      As for Jess, the other day when I looked at the same picture that you have included here, I was reminded of how much she looks like Mom. Lovely.