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Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume 2011

Updated on October 26, 2011

Kim Kardashian Picture


Kardashian Costumes

Are you looking for a Kim Kardashian Halloween costume? If so you can find everything you need right here to dress up as Kim.

Celebrity Halloween costumes are great and there is none better than dressing up as the Kardashian girls. You can choose from Kim, Khloe and Kourtney but the most famous of these is Kim. Kim Kardashian is well know for her curves and many girls would love to look like her, and now you can thanks to her Halloween costume and accessories.

This page will provide Kim Kardashian costume and accessories including wigs, dresses, butt inserts and handbags. This is everything you will need to carry of the fabulous look of Kim Kardashian. Dress like a celebrity this Halloween with this brilliant Kardashian costume.

Kim Kardashian Costume Essentials

Kim Kardashian Costume

Here you can find an overview of everything you need to recreate the Kim Kardashian look including dress, wigs, butt inserts, handbags and more.

The first item features is a Kim Kardashian costume kit including eyelashes, Wig and a Foam Butt. You need to buy the dress and shoes separate, but any black dress and black shoes will do. Just make sure you try the dress on with the butt insert to ensure it fits over it.

There are lots of Kim Kardashian wigs available although most of these are very expensive. The cheapest one I found is the one to the right which features loose curls and is available in 4 different colors.

If you want to you can buy butt enhancer and/or booster separately. These come in different sizes and different styles. You can buy individual butt pads or you can buy bodysuits with them pre-attached. They also come in different colors.

The main part of the Kardashian costume is a fitted dress with butt inserts combined with a long wig. You can use any dress as long as it is fitted. A dress showing cleavage will also look well.

More Kim Kardashian Costume Accessories

Kim Kardashian has dressed up as Wonder Woman on previous Halloween nights and you can find this particular costume on both Amazon and eBay. If you bare a resemblance to Kim and you want to fool people into thinking you are her, you can buy a driving licence with Kim's picture below.

Will you be dressing up as Kim Kardashian this Halloween

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