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Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies

Updated on January 3, 2014

Kung Fu Panda remains popular in my home. Even though the movies have come and gone Po and the furious five still adorn our TV screen through Nickelodeon. It is no doubt your child will be asking for a Kung Fu Panda Birthday party. Get all you need and perhaps more for your Kung Fu Birthday party. There are many party supplies available including, but not limited to, plate, cups napkins and cake toppers.


Kung Fu Panda Party Cups

These cute Kung fu panda party cups feature Po in one of his famous karate moves. They stand 3.75 inches high and serves 9 ounces. There are eight cups to a pack. The paper cups feature Po doing his high kick. Be sure to pick up the matching plates and napkins!  These are a perfect size for your little one for punch or soda!

Kung Fu Pand dessert plates come in sets of 8. They are square 7 inch plates featuring Po in his famous Kung Fu stance. Along with Po are the some of the characters from the movie.  A decorative boarder frames each plate. There are matching cups and napkins! These are made of a thick paper, sturdy enough for pizza, cake or other party treats!

The Kung Fu Panda dinner plates are 9 inches wides. The plates feature Po in a kung fu move with a bamboo boarder. The paper party plates come in sets of eight. This plate features Po in a kung fu move framed by a decorative border. This plate is great for chips, pizza, cake and other party treats!

Kung Fu Panda Party Napkins come in a count of 16. The napkin features Kung Fu Panda, Po and Master Shifu in a kung fu move framed by a decorative boarder.  There are matching paper plates and cups available.

Kung fu Panda birthday cake topper comes with three characters, Tigress, Master Shifu and Po. All of them are in a kung fu stance and ready for action. The base on the characters are wide so they will not tip over. Surprise your little one with the Kung Fu Panda cake toppers. Not only are they decorative, they can make a great toy after the cake too!

Don't forget the invitations! Remember the Dragon Scroll from the movie? This invitation has Po on the front of the scroll inviting you to a great party. The front of the 3x5 inc card says fulfill your destiny. They come in a pack of 8. Surprise your guests with this invitation!  Be sure to get the matching thank you cards.

Kung Fu Panda Thank-You Notes

After the party be sure to give a finishing touch by sending out a Kung Fu Panda thank you card. The Kung Fu Panda Thank you card features Po and Shifu on the dragon scroll saying Thanks! Cards are 5x4 inches and there are 8 cards in a pack. Be sure to get the matching Kung Fu Panda invitations!

The Kung Fu Plastic Tablecloth measures 102 inches by 54 inches. It is a dark red background with Kung Panda characters Po, Tigress, Monkey, Master Shifu and even Mantis. This plastic tablecloth can be reused or thrown away! Coordinate your table cloth with other Kung Fu Panda party supplies!

Don't forget to include your Kung Fu Panda Centerpiece on top of the Kung Fu Panda table cloth. This center piece stands over 12 inches tall. The pieces are 3d. This centerpiece features two of the most popular characters from the movie, Po and Shifu.  This center piece coordinates with the Kung Fu Panda  party plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth!

 The Kung Fu Panda Mini Figures Vending toys make great  gift bag items.  You can also use them as cake toppers or just to collect.  There are 12 figures total in this set.  The figures are made of plastic and feature Po, Mantis, Monkey, Master, Tai Lung, Tigress and viper.

Kung Fu Panda masks make a great party favor. These paper masks feature the faces of Po, Shifu, Tigress and Tia Lung. These party masks come in a pack of eight.  Your child will delight in pretending to be one of their favorite Kung fu Panda character.  These Kung fu Panda masks might be the highlight of the birthday party!

Something extra!

 Maybe you can't get one for everyone, but it sure would be cute to have the kids play with it during the party.  Po's paws are made to strap on. A voice will command you to mimic one of Po's moves.  But watch out!  The evil Tai Lung might call out moves to to fool you!  You will be ranked at the end of the game!


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