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Kurt Adler Santa Figurines

Updated on November 25, 2011

Kurt Adler has bee responsible for bringing us goods from all over the world. He is most famous for his Holiday Santas.   Fabriche' Santas have delighted us with their character. The Kurt Adler Santas are not just a Jolly St Nick. They feature Santa Claus doing a variety of activities.  Get ready to see Santa as you have never seen him before!  Collect each of these unique figurines.

Kurt Adler Fabriche Santa Claus - Fisherman Fishing

 Does Santa fishing?  Of course he does!  The Kurt Adler Fabriche Santa, Fisherman fishing shows Santa in red jacket and galoshes catching a fish.  I love that his red hat has an S on it.  This casual Santa would make a great gift for any fisherman.  This Fabriche Santa is popular so get it while you can.  Who knew the trout were so big in the North Pole?

Kurt S. Adler 23-Inch Porcelain Santa, Pinecone, Berry and Beads Christmas Garland Tablepiece

 This Kurt Adler Santa is 23 inches tall.  He is decked out in his traditional Santa outfit. His robe is made of dark felt.  This Santa has many accessories including berries,presents,and pine cones.  He would look gret next to the Christmas tree or could greet a guest at the front door.   

Kurt Adler HY0196 Fabriche Hershey's Santa, 10-Inch

 This Hershey Santa is ten inches tall.  Even Santa likes Chocolate.  The Santa is holding two candy bars. a Hershey's chocolate bar and a Reese's candy bar.  The Santa is plastic, but the chocolate is real. It is a perfect Santa for any chocolate lover.

Kurt Adler Christmas Menu Santa

 This is a fun Santa.  It looks like he is cooking up something good in the kitchen!  This Santa is ten inches high and is dressed in a chef's hat and an apron.  In one hand he is holding a menu, while in the other he is holding a tray with a turkey.  Who did he make dinner for? Us?  Mrs. Claus? This is a popular Kurt Adler Santa.  Hurry they are going quick!

Kurt Adler Fabriche Santa Claus Fireman Toy Drive

 The Kurt Adler Fireman Toy drive Santa is  a classic!  This authentic Santa is a perfect gift for any fireman.  This Santa features Santa dressed up in a fireman's outfit put toys into a sack.  The green sack has Merry Christmas written on it in gold.  The tall fireman's hat on Santa's head just makes this figure!

Kurt Adler Fabriche 11 1/2-Inch 'Best Care Anywhere' Veterinarian Santa

 Is there anything a Kurt Adler Santa can't do?  This Best Care Anywhere Veterinarian Santa. Santa has his white jacket on over his his Santa outfit.  He is holding a puppy in one arm and a kitty in his Santa hat! His outfit is made of material and he is made of plastic. This figure is over 11 inches tall.

Kurt Adler Masterwork Santa Decorating Tree

 The Kurt Adler Master work Santa Decorating Tree stands ten inches tall.  This Santa is dressed in traditional costume. He is stretching upward to place the finishing touch on this Christmas tree.. The Star!  The tree is setting on a piece covered in a green cloth with the word Merry Christmas written on it in gold writing.

 Doctor Santa...paging Doctor Santa! This Santa is dressed in scrubs and does make house calls.  Santa is wearing a white coat and his Santa hat.  He has a clip board in one hand and a doctor bag in he other. Perfect gift for a family physician or a doctors office.


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I love this line of figurines. They are so original. Thanks for sharing.