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Philips LED Christmas Lights

Updated on November 8, 2011

Benefits of LED Christmas Lighting

LED Lighting has become an alternative to traditional lighting in entertainment. LED Lights stand for Light Emitting Diode and use only 1/10th of the energy of iridescent lights. For example a string of 70 lights only uses 4 watts of energy. LED lights are well known for their longevity and low maintenance factors. It has been suggested that LED Christmas Lights will last well over 50,000 hours. It is predicted that Christmas lightning in general will see 300 hours of use.  Using LED Christmas lights will save a household 20 dollars or more! LED Lighting is quickly becoming a favorite in decorating. LED Christmas Lighting produces more vibrant colors than other Christmas lights and can be used longer with half the cost!

Blue LED Christmas lights are usually the most expensive and are the most prone to cost cutting techniques. Aluminum wires may be used to connect with copper ones which will promote corrosion. Older model blue LED Christmas lights may not work for this reason.

The efficiency of the LED Christmas Light is so good that rarely will you see replacement bulbs packaged with the light set!

LEds are cool to the touch and are not a fire hazard!

 They are also beneficial to the environment as LED Christmas lights do not have to be changed or rarely break.  Therefore they are not thrown away and creating a pollution hazard.

LED Lighting color

Traditional colored lights are colored through colored plastics or filters.  This produces our desired color although the light may be dimmer. Colored LED Christmas lighting is created through semiconductor materials that create different color frequencies. The Semi conductor materials can shorten the range of color frequency to reach the desired color

Phillips are one of the more popular companies selling LED lighting this year.  The lighting comes in all colors and shapes.  Most popular this year are the LED Blue Christmas Lights  and LED Snowflake lights. 

Just for fun..

Holiday Light exchange

The state of California is offering a holiday light exchange. You will be able to turn in those old fashioned iridescent lights for the more up to date LED lights. See the link for more detail.

LED Christmas Lighting is defiantly the future.  Watch your Black Friday newspaper ads to see if there are any sales in our area. The pricing of the lights may be a little more expensive but with all the benefits it will be well worth the price.


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    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wv

      RGraf.. that is what i am starting to do. Just purchase a little every year and build up a collection! Thanks for stoppin by

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      I don't own any but I love to look at them. Maybe this year I'll purchase some.


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