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Christmas Gifts For Men Under $20

Updated on June 28, 2015
Christmas gifts for men are the hardest gifts I could ever hunt for
Christmas gifts for men are the hardest gifts I could ever hunt for | Source
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Christmas Gifts Ideas For Men

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you got your Christmas gifts for the men of your life yet?

For a lady, it is quite difficult to get the best , unique and suitable gifts for the men whom you love and couldn’t decided what is best for them.

He could be your:

  • Hubby
  • Partner
  • Dad
  • Brother
  • Son
  • Nephew
  • Son--in-law
  • Close Male friends

Most men expect something from someone of the opposite sex regardless of relationship.

What about your budget?

Are the Christmas gifts in the range of your budget?

The best place to search for inexpensive and yet affordable unique Christmas gifts is to hunt at Amazon, Ebay or Lazada for big discounts and promotional price items.

Purchase your men Christmas gifts at the comfort of your home while you get to save on the shipping fees.

Here are 10 Christmas Gifts for men that I had selected for the men of my life which I hope that you will find them useful and suitable for your men too.

Btw, the price stated is based on 2014 Amazon sales before Christmas Day. So does the savings.

Grab them now if you want to save more money to buy other gifts for the girls or ladies!

Iphone case cover $19.99 ( Save 43% )


I don't have to print out the picture, just send the jpeg file to the "Contact Seller" by email and they will process everything.

Of course, you need to indicate the case color and your man Iphone model and then they will send me the proof of the final product, just to make sure that I agreed to the image printed on the Iphone case is the one that I wanted.

The case is better than the plastic case. It is made from silicon rubber which means the edges are rubber while the image printed on top is made from hard plastic that doesn't worn off.

Very satisfied with the product and I would recommend my niece and nephew to buy this Iphone case since they are Kpop idol Fanatics !

Blackboard memo Mug $9.58

I bought this Blackboard Mug for my teen nephew He loved the ceramic mug very much as he could writeshort notes or scribble nonsense onto the mug.

He is a talented cartoon artist, always drawing funny cartoon series around the mug during breakfast.

He never got tired of this Blackboard mug. However, he ran out of chalk, so he ‘stole “ a couple of chalks from his classroom.

The inside color of the mug is either Blue, Yellow, Red or White but customer is not allowed to choose but it is OK because my nephew drinks coffee, blacken out the Red color he got.

DIY Blackboard Mug

Make your own MUG

make a unique, one of a kind Blackboard MUG at home with a blank ceramic mug. Watch this video and you will be surprise how easy are the steps with all the DIY items at home.

I bought this recipe book for my dad.

He is a retired businessman and loved to cook at home since my mom had stroke.

He learned to cook from scratch.

My brother had been complaining of his BORING , TASTELESS meals so I decided to give dad this "I don't know how to cook book" since it comprises 300 different recipes for dad to choose from.

Most of the ingredients required are the basic ones that we use in the kitchen, none of them are hard to get items.

So, whenever my dad runs out of ideas what to cook for lunch or dinner, he browse through this recipe book and found himself cooking meals like a Professional chef.

A recipe scrap book

Take a photo and write the step by step instructions in the scrap book
Take a photo and write the step by step instructions in the scrap book | Source

Alternatively, you can make a scrapbook recipe with your own homemade cook food. Take photos with your digital camera, print them out and paste them in a scrap book.

Write down the recipes and instructions clearly beside each photo.

Don't forget the name of the recipes and categorize them under different sections; Vegetable, pork, chicken, beef, salads, soups,etc.

Lens Travel Coffee Mug $7.14 (Save 87%)

Canon or Caniam, who CARES !

I bought this thermos for my hubby for last year Christmas gift.

He loves taking photos with his Sony digital camera and this Lens Travel Mug turns out realistic and easy to carry around especially when he is outdoor.

Some customer reviews stated that the logo printed as "Caniam"instead of Canon but it doesn't matter to my hubby because he used Sony not Canon.

So, what's the difference? As long as the exterior outlook is similar to a real lens camera, he was very satisfied with it

Nivea for men Energy gift Set $8.99

Ah, my brother-in-law loved this gift set!

He is more conscious with his appearance since he is still dating with his ideal lady.

This Nivea for men gift set, he received:

  • 3-in-1 body wash ( my hubby doesn't like this stuff )
  • action balm ( aftershave lotion, he shaved his side burns every week )
  • lip balm ( for his crack lips )
  • facial scrub ( good for removing the dead pores )

My brother-in-law loved the smell since the fragrance made him attractive when he goes to office. His ladies colleague were swarming around him and he admitted it was Nivea gave him the opportunity to get closer with them.

A wonderful gift for bachelors who are still single and dating.

Realistic Rock Outdoor Key Holder $19.95



I wanted a key holder but I wanted something that one knows where I hid my drawer key.

Hence, I bought this Portable Rock Outdoor Key Holder which I had seen on TV.

It looks exactly the same as those rocks in my garden. I put 4 rocks around and hid my drawer key inside.

It looks so realistic that I couldn't figure out which is the fake rock.

If you wish to hide a spare key to your home, do get this Portable Rock and fool those thieves!

Btw, men love this rock items, fool them this Christmas !

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The Right Christmas Gifts

Don't give your men the gifts that you like or fancied.

You are supposed to give gifts that are suitable and useful to them.

Preferably, gift that they can use daily, reminds them of your kind gesture.

Don't give men cute stuffs like keychains and teddy bears or couple Tees.

They grown up men except for your toddler son.

It is best to know what they like or the things that had worn out and surprise your men with these gifts instead.

Christmas Gifts That Men Hate

couple Tees
cute keychains
gift cards
teddy bears

© 2009 peachy


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