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Labor/Labour Day 2011

Updated on May 26, 2011

Labor Day 2011

 Labor Day falls on September 5th 2011 which is a Monday. The holiday falls on the first Monday of every September. It is a highly regarded holiday in the USA with many Americans getting the day off from work. However, what exactly is Labor Day? Having been living in the US for about five years, I only had the day off but never actually learnt what the day was truly about. There are two reasons you can celebrate Labor Day.

History: The first Labor Day was the year 1878 on September 5th in the city of boston by the Central Labor Union of New York and it eventually became a Federal holiday after numerous workers died due to US military action during the Pullman Strike.

End of Summer: If you are not a history buff or the historical reason of Labor Day is too depressing to have an enjoyable time then this is the reason for you. Many Americans consider Labor Day as a symbol for the end of the summer season.

Labor Day 2011
Labor Day 2011

What To Do On Labor Day Weekend

Shop: Labor Day is one of the best times to go shopping as there are huge sales all over.

Barbeque: Invite some friends and family over and have a big barbeque. It maybe the last barbeque you have for the year since it is the end of summer!

Labor Day Parade: Attend a Labor Day parade in your city.

Relax: Have some time for yourself and enjoy a good book and/or bubble bath.

Clean: You can have your second bout of "Spring Cleaning" on Labor Day Weekend. It is a good time to get rid of old and unused clothes, shoes and other products.

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