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Labor Day:Last Call for Summer & What We’ll Miss..

Updated on November 9, 2012

What did you do on your last call for summer?

By:Anastasia Vaughan

Labor Day Monday is an American federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September 3 in 2012) that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

As the BBQ fired up on the grill, the over crowded beaches cooed one last time, and those annoying big blow out sale ads aired on television for summers last season sale it finally hit me that summer was officially ending. The question the rang into my head next was; why do we love summer so much when there are three other seasons that seem to fit into our everyday routines just fine? Sure the weathers warm, the beaches call your name, school is out for most students regardless of age, and those charming little umbrella drinks seem to pass you everywhere you go giving you that cheeky little grin that ignites a giddy harmony inside of you. But is summer really a season that deserves mourning when it has come and gone?

When the university first gave holidays in late April those first official summer weeks started out with frequent trips to the local mall, several different outdoor adventures, and spontaneous beach bum days spend gazing my body over with baby oil and sunlight. The weather was warm, the clothing for the occasion minimal and the mood care free. When we say good bye to summer were definitely waving far well to those many childhood fantasies that we once dreamed of how life would be if we could control our problems long enough to never see them again only to remain forever on vacation. Love to those summer time lovers seems so much light halfheartedly trimmed with bliss. Wither be taking a stroll in a beautiful park filled with well designed metal benches, rocking oak trees shaking the stress of winter out of their anxiously flexing leaves, children playing loudly along side frustrated adults as they scatter to various water holes half naked in swimwear screaming excited to listen only to their once suppressed desires, or perhaps it is the squirrels chasing nuts while the birds chirp the most romantic undocumented love songs from their triangular shaped beaks wanting nothing more than your attention for their beauty. The park is a wonderful Summer time get away when you can’t get way, which just simply doesn’t seem the same during any other season. Perhaps it’s that everyone is out of the house all at one time in a society where most socialization seems to take place during the other seasons from behind a flat screen monitor. Or perhaps it is that summer represented several different outdoor adventures as sense of open communication that is generally closed off during the other seasons in the year.

Summer is meals on the go, ice cream melting on soft hands in humid heat, fruity cocktail drinks by a bar on the beach and meeting a shirtless male stranger in the park that you wouldn’t usual give credit for his insanely buff physique because in any other season as his body would be covered in clothes that wouldn’t necessarily flatter his manly pecks and ripped solid over stiffed chest. You look at him in the summer yet the winter, fall, or spring wouldn’t usually give him the display case he’d need to be really seen. Summer is above all for the ripped, fit, and exquisitely shaped people a chance to bask in the glory of having all the hard work they put into sculpting, finally being seen.

Summer is girls in the beachwear equivalent of bras and panties running around outdoors as their body catches breeze from the slight in and out breathes between very hot and very humid air. Summer is shorts that are too short and skirts that ride up to the driveway of her pot of gold however, stop just before one’s eyes could enter the entryway of Fort Knox’s, yet for men who looks hard enough they can almost visualize the lobby area of her should be hidden kingdom. It’s you looking at your friends too short-shorts thinking you wish she’d wear more clothes yet you know the season will be over in the blink of an eye and she’ll have no choice but to cover up soon once again. It’s outdoor concerts, family reunions, trips to foreign places, food festivals you though you’d never try, snacks you don’t usually crave, non-stop party music you hope no never forget on your radio, and of course faint flings that will be broken up three weeks before Labor Day rolls around right when it time get back to the basics of work, reality, school, and back to school shopping. It’s eight super small wheels rolling up and down against the concrete pavement to roller skating V-shaped twist and turns as the sun shines on ones back in a way that burns the skin now so desperately dehydrated in search for water your forehead pants for H20 to go. It’s that time when all the skate board girls and boys roll around walkways as if every ounce of the road is their own personal ramp. It’s wearing white as if you were at the height of innocence simply because your past seasons melted away as the weather re-hydrated the good -girl spirit you had lurking under the last three seasons mystic.

The humid air even at night should bring women in soft cotton clothing to parties with minimal make up seeking nothing more than a new un-lame way to have a good time. The guys drive around with the tops down on their tear away cars, in Capri shorts or pants with casual shirt combos that you’ve sworn you’ll scream if you see somewhere else again anywhere but another “too cool” for summer magazine ads. The billboards all sell products for loose fitting hair, smoky eyes, plump lashes, cute outfits that are cotton made with a twist of summer time sweet. Everywhere you go someone is promoting a get together wither it has an admission price or is totally free. Though financial aid isn’t much summer semesters it seems still so much easier to cope with. Students go home to visit parents. Old friends reconnect than disconnect by fall term once again. Family attempts to restructure itself as an important part of life and love seems to free flow like a breeze on a windy day depending on the type of man or woman you the indidvual truly are.

Summer is the universal season where all things collide. Labor Day is the going away party that celebrates a season that unites a nation so often divided by the barriers that we use the weather, work, and school to put as an excuse for why communication isn’t accessible 365 days a year. Is summer really worth mourning after Labor Day? It all depends on where your state of mind stands. Perhaps people would be less sad about the ending of summer after Labor Day if they didn’t wait for the weather to get hot to communicate all the trapped desires they had pent up all year long. But if you chose to mourn the season the good news is that summer always seems to have a theme song for your inner circle, crank it up, shut the windows, than the doors and get to closing your eyes as you attempt to age yourself backwards to the last three to four months of the year.


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