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Lace Up Your Halloween Decor

Updated on August 19, 2013

A Sophisticated Trend

Black lace is sophisticated, sexy and can even be scary. I remember one of my first costumes in kindergarten was "Bride of Dracula." I wore a black lace veil and felt very grown up!

And, lace is very on-trend for Halloween decor, popping up at several national retailers and online catalog sites. Lace adds a more stylish look, for something in between cutesy-kids and super gory.

So, I looked to my hosiery drawer and notions box for inspiration to create a variety of different, but cohesive, looks for Halloween candles.

Lace trim is very inexpensive in fabric stores, and can be purchased by the yard (or a fraction of a yard) rather than by the roll. Here are just 5 ideas to incorporate lace into your Halloween decorations.

Easy Tricks for Upscale Halloween Decor

1. Wrap a jar candle with lace seam binding; tie in a bow. (Find seam binding at your local fabric stores for a few dollars a package.) Yes, it's very simple but it has a beautiful effect.

2. Wrap a jar, votive cup, or pillar candle with black lace; add a thin orange ribbon. I lucked out and found lace trim with rhinestones already attached. If you can't find blinged-out lace, try adding a few self-adhesive rhinestones for a little shine.

3. Fit a black fishnet knee-high stocking over a flameless pillar candle or a glass candle sleeve. I hit the jackpot and found a pair with lace trim at the top. (These were hiding in my sock drawer!) Add a thin orange ribbon and a vintage rhinestone button for a bit of detail.

4. Alternatively, use lace anklet socks ($5.00 a pair at Halloween stores or over flameless pillars; tie a thin orange ribbon in a bow over the top of the ruffle.

5. For a little bling, and to keep the look from getting monotonous, I sewed vintage rhinestone buttons to a 2-inch band of black felt and secured it directly to the candle with some double-stick tape and a thumbtack. (Note: If you don't plan to re-use the buttons or they are not sentimental to you, use hot glue instead of a needle and thread.)

Putting It All Together

Styling makes all the difference! Group your lacy creations together on a variety of candlesticks. (Hint: Find interesting pedestals and candlesticks at a thrift store and spray paint them with glossy black paint for a cohesive look.)

Complete a sophisticated Halloween vignette with a pewter skull and silver bowls filled with trick-or-treat candy. I found this skull at Pottery Barn last year, but many retailers that feature Halloween merchandise have some type of skull accessories.

Or, group your candles on a table or sideboard and display with pumpkins and Halloween costume photos of your kids, and YOU as a kid, too!


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