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Ladies Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on September 2, 2015

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays and it has been so ever since I was little. It was the only holiday that I got to enjoy for more than simply being free time. I felt included. Unlike Easter or Christmas where all it amounted to was a nice meal, Halloween was an adventure.

Scary costumes, scary movies and… all that candy! I loved the mood of that day. Christmas decorations always felt like they were meant to bring the world to my level while Halloween decorations made me feel the exact opposite. It made everything feel mysterious and grown-up and it meant so much more when I played my “role” of trick or treating.

Anyway, long story short, I still love Halloween. Not exactly for the same reasons but the excitement is still there. It doesn’t matter if it is a small party with close friends, an office party or if I just take a long walk through the decorated streets. It’s the only holiday where I literally can’t bear to stay at home. It just has something inherently social.

I could look at people’s costumes all day. Some amuse me, some make me envious and some intrigue me. It’s equally fun being awed at how incredibly good some are and drawing a blank at what others are even supposed to evoke. It’s great seeing everyone’s creativity, quirks, passions or humor reflected in their outfit.

Speaking of outfits, I thought I’d put up a few women Halloween costume ideas here and inspire all of those who are in dire need of a spark on this year’s celebration. With each year there are new costumes on the market and for this one I propose you consider the following:

  • A Skeleton Costume – a tight black dress or a coverall, both with the white imprint of a skeleton on the front and the back of it. This type of costume would look great on anyone; it will be comfortable and scary enough if you top it with the right make-up and hair.
  • The Wicked Witch of the East – because the normal, black dress with the pointy hat is a little too outdated, I suggest you paint your face green and grab yourself the best green dress and hat you can find. I bet you’ll pop up immediately.
  • Dracula’s Countess – this one, with a long and fluffed dress, it can be red or crimson or black with red… whatever color you prefer, but it will definitely be among the original ones.
  • Mrs. Edward Scissorhands – now wouldn’t that be nice?! To be in the character of Johnny Depp and at the same time scare little children away? Of course, the costume would come with a skirt and really well cut socks and shirt for a more dramatic effect, and a pair of plastic scissors in your hands. Plus a gothic make-up and hair would draw the attention instantly.
  • A Broken Doll – this costume made out of a cute little black dress with puffed sleeves would only look scary paired with the proper make-up. Some cracks on the legs and a few on the cheeks and forehead on a porcelain-like skin would certainly do the trick.

And on the naughtier but quiet side of costume ideas there’s a whole range out there that could satisfy even the pickiest woman. So if you’re looking for a sexy Halloween costume then you’ll have to consider the following:

  • Alice in Wonderland – she may have been just a little girl but she wore really pretty dresses. Take that and apply to a grown up woman and you get a very hot costume, that can do the talking for you on a Halloween night.
  • The Heartless Queen or the Evil Queen – they would both look incredibly hot with a high collar, a dark colored corset and a long or short puffed dress. Evil queens, with their powers and confidence, have always had that inexplicable magnetism to them.
  • A Fox – be the witted and deceiving little orange fox that always gets her way and sneaks behind everyone when she doesn’t want to be noticed. A nice and short orange dress with a hood with furry big ears and a very fluffy tail with a white tip will look very sexy.
  • Native American Huntress – Native American women’s clothing is always interesting. All that leather in their fringed dresses, skirts and blouses and with their hair split in two braided sides with the head bandana over, they look quite pretty. Such a costume will make you look different from the others and totally hot at the same time. Paired with a spear you won’t even have to move a finger to catch your pray.

Which one would you wear for this Halloween? The idea is that no matter what you would wear, if you’d pick one of these costumes you will have the time of your life. Be the center of attention at any party, get lots of photos taken and show the others your good taste.


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