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Lapland Holidays in North Pole or Sunny Spain Climate Vacation for Santa Claus?

Updated on March 30, 2017

Santa listening to a child's wish list.


Santa Claus vacation

Where do Santa and Mrs. Claus spend their holidays? Do you think they like to relax in Lapland, the North Pole or somewhere like sunny Spain?

Let's face it...of all people on earth, after a busy night of delivering all of those many gifts to good little girls and boys world-wide, Santa Claus definitely needs a vacation!

Sure...he has all of those elves helping him make and assemble just the right toys and other requested goodies throughout the year.

And of course we cannot forget his faithful reindeer who haul that amazing sleigh through the sky with a seemingly endless supply of toys to be delivered exactly on time for Christmas celebrations around the globe.

Think of the training that goes into keeping those reindeer in tip top condition!

That in itself would be a full-time job for most people! But Santa Claus handles that with aplomb and more!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus Suit

Not only does Mrs. Claus work during the year to maintain the wardrobe of Santa Claus keeping his distinctive red suit in tip top condition for that whirlwind night of toy and gift deliveries but obviously there is the necessity for other Santa Claus costumes to be distributed far and wide.


Isn't that obvious?

Santa Claus needs extra suits that look just like his for all of those Christmas Santa's that help him take orders in stores and other places where little boys and girls gather during that busy holiday season of Christmas shopping.

Special arrangements are made to collect those whispered desires from the store Santa Clauses and get them back to the one and only real Santa Claus who can actually fill those orders.

How those arrangements are made remains top secret!

Map showing location of Lapland

A markerLapland -
Lapland, Finland
get directions

Walt Disney - Santa's Workshop (1932 / 2006)


Finland or Suomi means the same thing in the Finnish language.

All of this area of Finland and even more is a part of Lapland where many people of the world think that Santa Claus or Father Christmas lives and works during the year.

Do he and Mrs. Claus call Lapland home?

Just like the top secret arrangements made with those specially selected store Santa Clauses, the location of Santa's workshop and home is also hush-hush for good reason.

Droves of sight-seers would no doubt flood the location of Santa's workshop all year long if they knew the where-abouts and his important work would never get done.

Here Comes Santa Claus

The North Pole

Is Santa's real home in Lapland or the North Pole?

Personally I think that it is the North Pole.

As children we were told to address our letters to Santa at the North Pole and it seemed to work.

On the night of Christmas Eve my parents always put out a plate of homemade Christmas cookies and a glass of milk and by morning, there were just crumbs left on the plate and the milk had always been finished. Presents had been left under the tree.

Try as hard as my younger brothers and I did to stay awake and listen for Santa Claus and his reindeer, we always seemed to be asleep when he came and made his deliveries.

Now...if we had written to Santa with an address in Lapland, do you think he would have gotten our requests?

I don't see how...unless he has a post office box there just to collect requests and letters on that side of the world.

I suppose that is possible!

Santa's reindeer could run a shuttle service during the year leading up to that all important Christmas delivery schedule.

It might even keep them in shape during the year for that exhausting world-wide run done in so short a time-frame! Kind of like going to the gym to keep their bodies toned!

Cookies and milk for Santa


Message From Santa

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Where do you think Santa and Mrs. Claus take their holiday?

See results

So where do Santa and Mrs. Claus spend their holidays?

After a grueling night of deliveries following a busy year of supervising the elves assisting him in getting the Christmas orders just right and also keeping the reindeer in good shape for their all important one night world-wide delivery schedule, does Santa just want to crawl into his pajamas and robe and settle down with Mrs. Claus in front of a roaring fire with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and plate of cookies in his home?

Be it Lapland or the North Pole, it really wouldn't matter. Both places are cold much of the year so that roaring fire and a little time off might just be "what the doctor ordered" by way of rest and relaxation.

If I were a betting person I would place my bets on Santa and Mrs. Claus being spotted taking their holidays not in Lapland or the North Pole...but somewhere in the sunny climate and beautiful rolling country-side of Spain. They would probably like to shed those heavy coats and lay on the beaches catching some brilliant rays of the sun and watching the surf roll in while they catch up on some reading.

Be on the lookout for an older gentleman with a white beard and a generous laugh accompanied by an older pleasant looking lady. It just might be them!


© 2010 Peggy Woods

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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hi Au fait,

      This was just a lighthearted post about where Santa might wish to vacation after his delivery of Christmas presents world wide has been accomplished for the year. Ha! Thanks for the pin. Enjoy this Christmas season!

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas

      Perfect article for this time of year. Thanksgiving is just days away and then Christmas will be in full swing, though it seems like it already is when it comes to advertising.

      Most western Europeans go to Spain on holiday don't they? I understand the expense is less compared with other places -- but maybe Santa gets a discount.

      Voted up, interesting and awesome. Pinned to my "Christmas II" board, and will share.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hi Mary,

      I agree with you. After all of those snowy and cold days, am sure that Santa & Mrs. Claus would like a warm vacation spot. Ha! I imagine that many letters are being mailed to Santa about now! Glad to hear that you enjoyed this hub. Appreciate your comment and the share.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 4 years ago from Florida

      Can you believe it will be Christmas soon, and Santa will be making his way to visit all the good little boys and girls??

      I really think Mr. and Mrs. Claus should go to a warm climate. I would think they would get tired of being cold in the North Pole.

      This was a fun Hub to read. I enjoyed the videos, too.

      Voted UP, etc. and shared.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hi Kiara Dearest,

      Merry Christmas to you too! Hmmm...Perhaps you are related to the Jolly old fellow and are joining them on a family vacation? :))

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