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Year's End - Tribal Call

Updated on December 18, 2010

Full Moon

Morning Mist on the Fields
Morning Mist on the Fields
Full Moon Rising  Autumn 2010
Full Moon Rising Autumn 2010
Winter Full Moon  Rising 2010
Winter Full Moon Rising 2010

Gather Round – New Year Tribal Call

A rooster echoes one chilly morning
White mist creeps over the fields wide and long
Crickets, frogs, and bells loudly sound
Tolling out the eeriest of funereal songs
The winter sun rises late in the sky.
Clans gather from all directions
some stand on the rocky shore all day long
the sun sets; the Pregnant Moon rises
Her light shimmers across mirrored waters
In Her Full light her children witness
o’er the churning seas
More ships with men, women, and children
Answering the summons; heeding the call of their Mother

"Raise your camp! Raise your flag, your banners, your colors!
The center fire’s blazing high!
Circle Round with your clansmen, your neighbors and new friends
Circle Round all my children, Daybreak’s on nigh!

Raise your glass! Raise your Voice!
Gather in Song and Laughter once More!
The Old Year is Dying, A New one begins!
Circles Turn. The Wheel Spins! Waves Crash on the shore!

Beat your drums! Ring the Bells!
Let me hear you from my perch in the sky!
Dance with Fire, move with Earth!
With Magick afoot not denied!

Yes! We’ve gathered again
To give Old Year his Due
Dark nights they will pass
Oak and holly renew
And age old tradition
To place the new king
At the midwinter fest
Where holly does reign!"

But tonight; Gather Round!
The Full Moon, she is risen!
Grab your ale! Raise your voice! Sing your song!
To the lovers last dance of the year!

Beat your drum! Dance the dance!
Ring the bells! Blow the horns!
Old ones and new ones
The lovers they dance all night long!

Play the flutes and the guitars!
Let the whole world be blessed!
Neighbors and Friends, and Families
Old gods come to life on this night

Another year gone, a new one beginning
Come one, Come all, gather round!

Beat your drums! Ring the Bells!
Blow the horns! Touch the Skies!
All hail to the Old Ones!
With Magick afoot not denied!

Raise your Glass! Raise your Voice!
Stoke the Fires! Dance your Dance!
Blessed Be One and All!
All Hail and Well Met! Ya! Huzzah!!!!

Another year gone, a new one beginning
Come one, Come all, gather round!


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    • Erin LeFey profile imageAUTHOR

      Erin LeFey 

      7 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks so much Ray, I love trying to capture the moon on film - am not always so successful. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed this, I loved writing it.

    • aware profile image


      7 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      Great moon pics .i take tons of moon pics myself . The imagery in this poem is lovely. good job



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