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Top Birthday Gift and Christmas Gift Idea

Updated on January 17, 2014

Whether it's birthday, anniversaries, Velentine's day, Christmas, or any other timings when you'd like to get a gift for your dear family and friends, it's always a chllenge to find something that you are 100% sure that the receiver would love it.

Below are some of the recommended gift ideas for the special ones. Get inspired and pick the right gift!

You can find more details on the idea by visiting the linked page.

Gifts For Kids

1. Harry Potter Lego - Harry Potter, one of the hottest topics this winter. Getting a Lego set for kids or Harry Potter lego game for kids would make you an idol for the kids. This would also make any Harry Potter fans and collectors smile.

2. Shaped Rubberband Bracelets - Another popular gadget that every kid is playing at the moment – shaped rubberband bracelets. Get a pack or two and satisfy a group of kids without sweat.

Musical kids!
Musical kids!

3. Musical Toy- A lot of research has confirmed that incorporating music into early childhood can help the child developing their language skill and interpersonal skills, etc. If you are planning to buy toys for kids as gift anyway, why not get one that can give extra benefit?

Gifts For her

1. Beauty Gadgets - Beauty Gadgets can never go wrong. Whether it is the latest ultrasonic facial massager, a professional manicure kit, or funny beauty gadgets under $10, you can definitely impress her by showing your care for her.

2. Mary France Purse - A Mary France purse can make her shine in a party. Remember that without a proper clutch bag, handbag or purse, it's never a complete look for your lady!

3. Plus Size Dress from Kiyonna - Plus size women can still be glamorous and sexy. Kiyonna provides high quality and stylish cocktail dresses and casual wear for plus size women. Check out and see if you can find something for your family and friends!

Surprise her with a perfect gift!
Surprise her with a perfect gift!

4. Taryn Rose Pumps - High heels are one of the biggest dilemmas for women – painful yet elegant. Now with Taryn Rose pumps, this dilemma does not exist anymore. The specially designed high heels brings no pain even after walking all day long.

5. Benefit Make up Products - Get her a bottle of Benetint – the famous and popular lip and blush stain. Its natural redness is suitable for any skin color and skin type. You simply can’t get it wrong.

6. Personalized Gifts for her - Still have no idea what to get her? Get a personalized gift and surprise her with your ideas!

Gifts for Family and Everybody

1. Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board -Wii might sound like one of those electronic games for kids, but Wii Fit Plus is definitely for everybody to enjoy. Grandparents can play together with their grand children, while you can have your work out done easily at home with fun. The gaming and exercise element brings working out back to people’s daily life again.

2. Xbox 360 Kinect - a revolution in the gaming world. You don't need the controllers anymore but play the game by just moving in front of the Kinect sencor. Check out more details on this innovative gaming idea!

3.Gifts and Cards from Charity organizations or Fair Trade - If you want to help others while spreading love to your family and friends, this could be the best option. Oxfam and Unicef both have gift schemes in which you can send your friends cards showing that an amount is donated for a specific purpose, like buying books for a whole class of 50 kids. Getting gifts from Fair Trade can also support improving third world trading situation.

4. Chinese Learning Kits - Chinese language is getting more and more important and the trend for both kids and adults to learn Chinese has only been on an increasing route. Get your family and friends a set of Chinese learning packs and let them enjoy the language learning process altogether.

5. Teeth Whitening Kits - Another practical gift which is suitable for everybody – is teeth whitening products which you can use at home. Whitened tooth can give you a more youthful lookand increase self-esteem at the same time.

Gifts for new parents

Reusable Diapers -
One of the biggest spending for new born parents is diapers. Get them some packs of diapers together with a greeting card to express your love for them.

Gifts For Him or Her

1. Harley Davidson Collectibles - Harley Davidson collectibles has been long a highly demanded Harley Davidson product by its fans. Your friends of families who are Harley fans would love you for getting them one of the collectibles from Harley Davidson.

2. French Maid and Intimate Apparels - Well, this can be a gift for her and at the same time enjoy it yourself! Check out the tips in how to how to surprise your partner.

Eco-friendly Ways of Packing Gifts

No matter what you are getting for your friends and family as gifts, do think about the environment and try to avoid using wrapping paper. There are many ways to wrap your gifts in eco-friendly and sustainable ways. Check out the link for more details.

Hope the above gift idea can release your festival pressure and could truly enjoy every other celebrations!


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    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 7 years ago from Texas

      Great ideas. I like the format of linking to your other gift hubs.