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9 Free Last Minute Crochet Gift Idea Patterns For Beginners

Updated on September 21, 2013

Just learning to crochet? Have someone you need to give a gift that you just might have left until the last minute? Fear not! These free patterns were compiled with someone like you in mind - basic stitches, quick to make up, and perfect to gift to your loved ones. They'll never know you didn't start it until the night before you gave it to them, and you don't have to tell them, either!

Gifts For Teens

Got a teenager on your last-minute gift list? These patterns are fresh and fun, perfect for the young or the young at heart. High fashion and tech-savvy is the theme here, with phone case crochet patterns and cute accessories to please even the most difficult-to-gift folk!


Sweetheart Earrings Pattern

These cute little earrings couldn't be faster to make, and would make great presents for birthdays or Valentine's Day, or great little stocking stuffers. They use very little yarn and while they're a little more complex in terms of stitching, I promise it's nothing you can't handle and they're so fast that you can afford to make a couple of mistakes.

Use the same general idea to make other tiny motifs for all different kinds of earrings!


Zombie Phone Case Crochet Pattern

This creepy zombie phone case pattern is sure to delight any teenager who loves zombies! (Are there any who don't?). Work it up quickly, put your own flair into it, and give it for birthdays, Christmas or graduation!

You could even take this idea and apply it to other creatures of the night with a little imagination and a few adjustments - vampires, werewolves and other monsters would make equally cool gifts for the teenagers in your life!

Moebius Headband Earwarmer Pattern

This super-fast earwarmer is the perfect winter gift - ideal for chilly Christmas weather! - and so quick and simple to make that you can make one for every teen and tween girl on your gift list in an evening! Less than an hour and very basic crochet skills should be all you need for this simple pattern.

Want something a little more special? The simplicity of this stitch is practically begging for a gorgeous artisan yarn, and it takes so little of it that it's completely affordable to splash out a little on something beautiful.

Gorgeous Yarn for Special Last-Minute Crocheted Gifts

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Crochet Last-Minute Gifts for Children

These little patterns are the perfect thing for little people! Stuffed toys and accessories for the younger people on your gifting list don't take long to work up and are sure to be treasured for many years to come.

Plushie Octopus Pattern - Video Tutorial


Rainbow of Crochet Hanger Pattern

This colourful hanging decoration is the perfect thing for very young children - newborns and tiny babies who'll enjoy the pretty colours and won't be in any danger from the solid construction. Guaranteed to make nurseries and car windows more cheerful instantly.

Last-Minute Gifts For Groups

Got a lot of people you need to give something to, and not a whole lot of time? You need one of these ultra-fast patterns that can be worked up in a matter of minutes. Give a little something to your whole Christmas card list, everyone in class, or leave them hanging around for people to find for themselves!

Fast Flower Bookmark Pattern

This adorable bookmark pattern should take less than five minutes! Perfect if you're making lots of gifts - say, for a class, girl scout troop, or church group! Or, more appropriately, your book club!

You could even get the kids in on mass-producing these if there's a lot of people you want to remember over the holiday season. Slip one into everyone's Christmas card for an extra, personal touch that they'll remember for years to come!


Five Minute Flower Brooch/Ring Crochet Pattern

Make up one of these quick, cute crochet flowers in five minutes or less and hot glue them to brooch pins or ring blanks for gifts that groups will love. This is a great way to use up your scrap yarns and button stash and put a smile on many faces at once!

Ultimate Bookmark Crochet Pattern

How about a slightly fancier, sturdier bookmark that's sure to be kept and used? Try this ridiculously simple pattern for a surprisingly useful creation!

Chain roughly 14"-16" with whatever yarn you prefer, leaving a long tail. Create a largish loop by slip stitching into a previous stitch about an inch away from the end of the chain and fasten off.

On the long tail, attach a bead or other decoration. Loop beaded end through hole and slip over book before tightening for a simple bookmark that won't fall out of your book or get in your way!

Last Minute Crochet Gifts for Men!

Finding things to make for men can be tricky - there's just not much out there! But these patterns will make even the pickiest of men happy, and they won't take you all that long, either!


Striped Crotchet Tie Pattern

This stylish striped tie pattern is worked in distinctive Tunisian crochet - quick to pick up if you don't know it yet!

Make it in any colour combination you can imagine for a one-of-a-kind gift that you could start the day before father's day and still hand to dad in time!

This list is always being updated! Check back for more ideas and leave your suggestions below to help others out!

Got a Pattern Suggestion? Share it Here!

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    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 4 years ago from California

      Love the little hearts. I did a how to hub on valentines day but I never personally tried as earrings. I initially used to string together. Thanks for sharing. I love DIY gifts!!