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Advice for Men Who Waited Too Late Getting a Gift

Updated on May 23, 2018
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Christmas is a month-long state of mind for me. This festive time of loved ones, parties, gifts, and religious celebrations is so special.


Tips for Guys Who Waited Too Late to Shop for Gifts

It's time to panic when you don't have a gift for your girlfriend, wife, or significant other. Suddenly, it's Christmas Eve or the night before her birthday or your anniversary. I'm sure you meant to find the perfect gift that she would treasure and that would make her realize how much you appreciate her.

Forgetting to get her a gift says just the opposite. To her mind, it says you don't care enough to think ahead or to spend money on her. That certainly isn't the message you want to give, unless you are trying to break up.

Don't despair, I have some ideas that will save the day. You just need to apply some creativity, follow my tips, and you will come out a hero.

Gift Cards Via eMail

You can go online, find gift cards for many stores and services, and they will send the gift card via email to whoever you designate. This is pretty much instantly, so even if it is midnight, you can order a gift for someone's special day.

►Amazon Gift Card - E-mail
This is great as a last minute gift. The stores may be closed but Amazon is always open. They send the gift card by email and she will get it right away.
►Gift cards for stores like Target, Spafinder, all sorts of restaurants, and even Jiffy Lube are available at sites like Gift Cards. com. Does she splurge on a morning latte? Get her a gift card for several weeks of Starbucks or a gift card for her favorite lunch spot that's near her workplace.

Department Stores May Be Closed, But What About

pharmacies or a gas station? You'd be surprised at the variety of stuff they have on hand.


Give Your Girlfriend Something You Have Around the House

Look around the house for ideas. You are looking for something that's new and that can represent a bigger gift. Yes, it could even be golf balls.

Here's how this works. Find something you have on hand. It needs to be new and unused and in the original packaging.

For example, grab that sleeve of new golf balls. Write out a promise to take her to some really great golf course to play. You could print out from the Internet, the information about the course. Wrap up the promise and the golf balls and give it to her.

If she doesn't play, then the promise could be to take her to the driving range and give her a golf lesson. This only works for something she might be interested in, not for something you like but she doesn't care for.

Now it is vitally important that whatever you promise has to be carried through in a timely fashion or you will lose points big time.

Do You Have an Idea Yet for Your Last Minute Gift?

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Give Her a Printed Picture of a Gift

Huh, sure, this will work. It beats having nothing at all to give her.

Quickly think of something that she has mentioned liking. Find that item on Amazon or online somewhere (Google it). Print out a picture of the item.

This works best if it is something with lots of features like a digital camera or anything mechanical or even a dress. That way, you can say "I'm sure you want to pick the model or features that really suit you instead of me picking the wrong one."

Put the picture inside a small box and wrap it with gift wrap and a pretty bow.

What If You Have No Gift Wrap or Bows?

If you don't have a gift, you probably don't have gift wrap on hand. Personalize some computer paper with printed words in different fonts like the photo. Cut strips of the paper & curl them with a knife or scissor's blade. Tape them on for a bow.
If you don't have a gift, you probably don't have gift wrap on hand. Personalize some computer paper with printed words in different fonts like the photo. Cut strips of the paper & curl them with a knife or scissor's blade. Tape them on for a bow. | Source

Last Minute DIY Gift Made with a Jar, Pen, and Paper

© 2018 Virginia Allain


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