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Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Updated on January 28, 2009

In my last hub post I noted how much I like snow with mention of how weather reports have often been incorrect.  Well, this time the weather report was correct!  I woke to snow on the ground.  It's still on the ground.  A colleague who is from Boston chuckled at how folks around the New Jersey area reacted to the snow (we had some freezing rain in places too).  My colleague said that Boston gets 1-2 feet of snow and can have streets cleared and ready for travel the following morning.  Any Bostonians at the Hub?

In New Jersey where my colleague and I work 2-4 inches of snow can find employees calling out.  I got to work late this morning, but it wasn't a weather situation that was what I'd consider bad at all.  I can do without ice, but 2 feet of snow is fine by me. 

I remember the snow fall we had in 1991 where we got over 20 inches of snow.  For about 2 days straight it snowed and snowed and snowed.  LOL!  I dated a guy at the time who called and told me that he'd just shoveled around his van and cleaned the snow off the van.  He sounded so proud.  Well.  It kept right on snowing and about two hours later, he said when he looked out the window his van was covered again.

It's times like these and like the time in 1991 when we got more than 20 inches of snow that a garage looks better and better. 

So did it snow where you live this week?  If so, how did you enjoy the snow?  And if you say you hate snow now, did you love playing in it when you were a kid?

Cheers!  Happy Hubbing!

Denise Hubbing It Up!


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