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"Let it be Christmas..."

Updated on July 28, 2013

"Let it be Christmas..."

"Let it be Christmas…"

Holidays are great! Fun times to be had with friends and loved ones, delectable and scrumptious food and wonderful presents for the children. How about when the holidays are over? Do we stop feeling the "warmth and fuzziness" of the season or should we try to keep the feeling all year long?

Let it be Christmas when-

Someone cuts in front of you without signaling,

Someone always seem to disagree with you, no matter what you say,

Someone wants to be "better" than you all the time.

Things go wrong at work-

Your salary and benefits diminished,

Workers get laid off or

Your boss had to have a "talk" with you.

Things go wrong at home-

A misunderstanding between a husband and wife,

Children forgetting their homework or

Plumbing that needs to be fixed.

There are numerous reasons to forget the "holiday feeling" after it is over. But what about the many reasons to be grateful and have the "warm and fuzzy" feeling back all year long?

Be grateful that…

You are able to 'put on your brakes in time' when someone cuts in front of you without signaling,

We all do not think alike and that we learn many things from each other,

Someone thinks a world of you and wants to be "better" than you.

Be grateful even when…

Salary and benefits decrease-it is better than the alternative,

Workers getting laid off-an open opportunity for them to spend more time with their families and to pursue a career that they have been wanting to do,

Your boss had to have a "talk" with you-a chance to learn from your mistakes and do better next time,

A misunderstanding between a husband and wife-it is a time to reflect on relationships and strengthen them,

Children forgetting their homework-a chance to teach children regarding responsibilities, so they will grow up to become responsible adults,

Plumbing that needs to be fixed-not having to worry about leakage, this might end up destroying your flooring.

So, in the midst of trials and tribulations, let's not forget the "feeling of Christmas."

Let us be reminded of our family and friends who are always there for us,

Let us be reminded of the scrumptious food that we receive everyday,

Let us be reminded of the roof above our heads and the clothes on our backs,

Let us be reminded of the very air that we breathe and all of God's wonderful creation,

Let us be grateful for everything that we have and spread the "feeling of joy."

Let it be Christmas all year long!


The poem was inspired by The Beatles album, "Let It Be," and a preacher's sermon regarding the topic, Let it be Christmas." Thank you for the inspiration!

By: Caroline G. Vestuto Copyright 2010


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    • CarolineVABC profile image

      CarolineVABC 6 years ago from Castaic

      Hello Jack,

      Thank you for commenting on my hub. I truly agree with you that "respect of decision should be the focus pont." Just to let you know that when I wrote this hub about "Christmas," my point was that anyone can celebrate Christmas even when things do not go their way because when negative things happen to us, we learn from our mistakes, which was my focal point here. We should not forget the "feeling of Christmas."

      We can pass around the joyful spirit that we have during the holiday season all year long! Hope that I have enlightened you with the subject. Thank you, once, again for commenting on my hub. I truly appreciate it very much, and looking forward to further discussions with you!:-) God bless!

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I beg to differ of a Santa Claus or fictional tales of thought,seeing that I am a realist and none fictional believer. each their own.Respect of decision I think should be the focus point.