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Light Up Halloween Holiday For Eerie Mood

Updated on October 30, 2014

Creative Lighting for Halloween Night

Halloween is just a few days away. You might have get ready for the party necessities or home decor items. Have you prepared some unusual lights for creating special or horrible mood on that day? It is really necessary to try to light up your home this year, if you find it boring to scare people from the darkness. When your neighbors come to visit your home, just create a different ambiance in the place where they would collect the treats. Lighting is one of the most effective and creative ways that can create desired effect. When we choose the right lighting, we can send the chills down the spines of those who try to step into your house. Isn’t that a great idea?

For the Halloween decor, most of the families will prepare the pumpkins.You may just take out the costumes of last year. But add something new this year. We all know lighting can make a big difference for home decor effect. Try to use special lighting associated with the horrible atmosphere of this special holiday outside your home. Alright, let’s get down to business and share some effective Halloween lighting ideas, some of which require us to prepare some creative holiday lights ahead and some of which involves DIY. Get ready for some lighting tricks or treats in your yard. Still no idea? No problem, here are some creative lighting ideas for you.

Halloween Light Show 2014

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Spooky LED Lights for Halloween

Have you any idea of lighting up the outdoor space for this Halloween holiday? It is really not fresh to scare the kids or adults from your neighborhood in the darkness. You can still buy some pumpkins and take time to carve it into pumpkin lantern. Or try some new lighting ideas. If you do not care about the budget, you can use some up-lighting to create a campfire effect for the whole Halloween decoration. Or choose some creative LED lights, which are much cost effective for the whole holiday lighting.

Lighted Head

How do you think about this lighted head? Cute? Scary? I think it is very creepy. To place such hollow porcelain baby head in the front yard which is lighted by battery powered LED lights and it is really exciting to hear the shrills from your neighbors. The lighted head will just flicker for an extra dose of weirdness. Of course, it will also be a great centerpiece for your dinner party. Just wait to hear screams from the guests to achieve your purpose of scaring others away.

Lights of Only One Color

What is the color in your mind that will make you scary? It is really hard to say. But here you can actually try to use a specific color of lighting for the coming Halloween night. The monochromatic lighting, instead of the colored lights at Christmas will hardly have anything to do with the warm atmosphere. Colorful lighting just makes everything attractive. What we need is about mystery or terrible things. Try to use single light color. Dark blue light is usually great choice for creating creep effect. If possible, just combine the monochromatic lighting decor with frog to send chill down the spines of your visitors.

DIY Scary Eyes

Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin is always staple Halloween decorations. But why do we always take that effort to carve the pumpkins each year? We can get try some creative light ideas. It is really terrible to see the lighted eyes in the darkness. So try to make good use of the eyeballs to scare your neighbors. It is not very hard to do so. Use the normal two Halloween lights and separate them in the bushes in the yard with a few inches apart. That will create a effect of a pair of eyes staring at the visitors from inside the bushes. Or try to DIY the eyes. Get some ping pong balls and some Christmas string lights. Hang them around the front entry of your house.

Black Lights Used in the Dark

Black lights seem very effective for haunted house displays. The black lights can make some white items glow in the dark place and also make an eerie Halloween scene out of some originally dull Halloween decorations. It is a great idea to temporarily replace the yard lampposts with the black lights during Halloween. To make the night more horrible, try to create a graveyard scene in your yard and try make the tombstones glowing. If possible, add some artificial skeletons and that would make your visitors scream out. After using the black lights in the yard, you can also try some to the indoor party. Decorate the room with the black lights.

DIY LED Light Bottles

Besides purchasing the LED lights for Halloween, we can actually try some DIY lights. That’s cost effective as well as creative. We can make full use of some used items at home. For example, at your home, there must be a lot of wine bottles, juice bottles or used bottles. Whatever the bottles are, get some tall and nice ones out. Then try to find out some spooky drink labels. If you can not find such things out, try to turn to the the Internet for help. Search the Pinterest or other sites and you will find a lot of such labels. Then print the labels on the blank bottles. Then prepare some LED string lights or LEDs. The white color is much better. Illuminate the blank bottles and you will see the colorful light that makes the labels glow. If your guests are treated with such ‘drink’, how will they feel?

Lighted Skulls

Lighted Skull

The skulls will be the most horrible encounter in the darkness. I find it the best display in the driveway. Use it to light up the graveyard . Put it in the front yard and it will be the most successful trick.


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