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Looking For a German-themed Present? Look No More! Do Your Wurst!

Updated on August 6, 2012

Danke Schon! Great Gifts for Someone Who Loves Germany

Do you know someone who really loves every last little thing about Germany? Is it a friend? A co-worker? A partner? If so, at some point you’re probably going to want to come up with a birthday, Christmas or other gift for them. If you already know what really floats their boat, then what could be easier than going out and getting them a Germany-themed gift?

How To Choose A German-themed Gift

Easy, yes – at least in theory. But what present, exactly, should you get them? What does a Germany-themed gift look like? Take a look at some of my suggestions below – maybe you’ll find the perfect present!

Fluency In German Language: German Language Study Aids

Is your prospective gift recipient an eager student of the German language? Are they on the road to becoming fully fluent? There are lots of great German language study aids such as Rosetta Stone out there: German/English dictionaries, phrasebooks, mp3 downloads, audiobooks, CD-roms, you name it. Some popular examples are demonstrated above. If you take a browse on Amazon you’ll find dozens! Somewhere in there is the ideal study aid for your pal.

Great German Literature; One for the Brains and Intellectuals!

German literature and philosphy are justly famed around the world. Some of the most renowned names are Goethe (e.g. The Sorrows Of Young Werner), Emmanuel Kant, Hegel and Gunter Grass. If you buddy is a cerebral type, maybe she or he would appreciate a dip into one of the great classics of German Literature.

German Food: Do Your Wurst

It's probably true - if not fair – to say that German food is not widely celebrated as one of the greatest cuisines the world has ever known. It's a little unfair because there are a lot of pleasurable items in the everyday staples of the German diet. Wurst, or sausage, for example, comes in umpteen varieties, such a wide range that you or your pal are almost bound to find one to please (unless you're vegetarian).

German History

Perhaps your friend or partner has family or genealogical roots in Germany, leading to their interest in the country? If so then they may have a special interest in Germany's long and fascinating history, from the Franks to the fall of the Wall. There are some excellent books available on the subject: check some of them out!

German Cinema Is Renowned

For those of us not too up in arthouse flicks or world cinema, this fact may be news. But it's true! There are masters of German cinema, before whose names any given film student will genuflect excitedly. Amongst them are Murnau, Fassbinder, Leni Riefenstahl and Werner Herzog. But even if you're not examining the long and illustrious history of German film-making, recent years have provided umpteen examples of quirky, unique and original films originating in Germany. A couple of my favourite examples are The Edukators and Goodbye Lenin!, great examples of highly personal, funny but very serious cinema.

The Great Art Of Germany

Perhaps your friend loves German art? It might be asking too much to stretch to an original artwork, but perhaps you would be interested in a print of a celebrated work by a great German artist such as Holbein, Durer or Max Ernst.

I hope my ideas on gifts for someone who loves all things German has proved helpful for you. Let me know if it has given you any ideas!


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