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Looking for The Perfect Gift?

Updated on November 13, 2018


With a little time and patience you can avoid the hustle and bustle, long lines, getting up early to beat the crowd and most importantly, spending too much. So, what is the perfect gift? The perfect gift always fits, is a pleasure to receive, easy to shop for, very affordable and the perfect gift can be used every day.

One of our biggest concerns when shopping for the perfect gift is size. It’s hard to know someone’s size. If we ask someone their size, we not only ruin any chance of surprise but we also run the risk of offending the sensitive. The perfect gift always fits.

Everyone smiles when they receive a wrapped gift. But, the perfect gift is a pleasure to receive because there is an even bigger smile when it is opened.

Buy now you may be thinking well where do I find the perfect gift and how much does it cost? Well, the perfect gift is easy to shop for, and it doesn’t cost a cent. Unfortunately the perfect often goes unopened. You see, the perfect gift is the one with your name on it. The perfect gift is the love inside of your heart. It’s time to open your heart and express your gift openly and wisely.

In Psalms 90 v 12 Moses says we can apply our hearts wisely by learning to number our days. He did not mean that we should worry and fret thinking about what day would be our lt. Moses was referring to the Spiritual significance of numbers and how numbers can help us express our perfect gift. The perfect gift is revealed by numbering your days, thus….January 15, 1929 would add up to 1 + 15 + 1 + 9 + 29 = 55. At this point we add 5 + 5 = 10 and then we add 1 + 0 = 1. The number 1 grants the gift to lead. Let’s number July 18, 1918. That would look like this…7 + 18 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 8 = 44. #44 grants the gift to up lift and liberate. One more example is August 26, 1910. Numbering that day would result in 8 + 26 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 0 = 45. Next, 4 + 5 = 9. # 9 grants the gift to give selflessly to others. The days that I have numbered here are the birthdays of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (#1), Mr. Nelson Mandela (#44), and Mother Teresa (#9).

The GOD FORCE is symbolized by zero. There are nine other basic vibrations symbolized by the numbers 1-9. In addition, there are master numbers which are the double digits 11 – 99. Each number symbolizes a perfect gift and can be found by numbering your days. If the sum of your month, day and year reduces to the number one, you have the gifts to be a leader and/or to be self-employed. If you take the time and effort needed, you can develop executive ability. Your gifts will give you the opportunity to experience independence in thought and action. Conflict with authority figures is the natural result of your need to dominate. Impatience is a common trait. Guard against being egotistical, headstrong and blind to others' point of view. If numbering your days results in the number two, you have the gifts of tact, diplomacy, cooperation and patience. Personal relationships are important to you. You need a quiet atmosphere. You are supportive, friendly and prone to put the needs of others before your own. Your sense of rhythm and timing are assets that favor music and painting. A gilt for details makes you a good secretary, accountant or beautician. Your skills will be useful in partnerships and groups. Communicate your needs so you will not be victimized. Try not to get lost in the details. You may need to develop confidence and not put yourself down. "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of GOD." If numbering your days results in 11, 29, 38, 47 or any other combination that adds up to 11your gift is to be a visionary, an inspirational and an example for others. The lime light falls on the 11 as does the possibility of fame. Next is the number three and their gifts are many. Singing, painting, dancing and writing to name a few.

In fact, anything artistic, decorative, or colorful is easy for the number three as is working with children. Threes are joy bringers with the gift of gab. If numbering your days reduces to the number four, you will be recognized for your gifts of being hard working, loyal and quiet. You must develop your organizational skills. GOD created the earth on the fourth day, so, anything having to do with the land would prove favorable should you be so inclined. Law, order, math, drafting, regulations all fall under the four vibration. Do not become a workaholic or too stubborn and set in your ways. Your strength is in your ability to keep on keeping on long after others with less perseverance have given up. If your number is a twenty two you are a Master Builders and can operate on an international/global level. Did you get a number 5 when you numbered your days? You have public appeal and can succeed in politics. The number five birth path bestows the gift of sales/promotion ability and athletic skills. Yours is a restless wandering spirit. Learn to stick to a task until it is completed because you are prone to a "Grass is Greener" mentality that makes you quit something before it is done. You are competitive, flirtatious and excited about the new and novel. Do not over indulge in food, drugs or sex. You are not cut out for nine-to-five routine work. Next we have the nurturing, loving gifts of the number six. Six is the number of service and the servants are the greatest among us. With a number six, the greatest gifts are giving support, advice and service. This is the vibration of love and harmony. Careers in healing, art, music and any service area would allow for a positive expression of this gift. In marriage, be careful you don't take a parental role toward your spouse. Be aware of being too controlling. If your total adds up to 33, you are a master healer capable of much sacrifice. 33 is a teacher of teachers who hates noise and confusion. Make sure your cause is worthy 33 so you don’t become a martyr. Next up are the number sevens. The seven birth path person's greatest gift is their mind. They have an amazing ability to accumulate knowledge and relate facts. Seven is revered as the holiest number of all. So, spiritual and intuitive abilities are also present. Specialization is required for this energy to be fully expressed. Sevens work best alone or in small groups. Teaching, writing, radio, the law, the ministry, any field requiring research is best. Sevens can be very inspirational. Next up are the number eights. The number eight birth path number bestows the gift of power. The power to control a business, an organization and to overcome obstacles. Many professional athletes have eight birth paths. This number is so powerful that many eights are intimidating to others. Females with an eight are not "Susie Homemaker". A career outside of the home will be needed to express the eight gift positively. Strong, assertive and competitive. Eights don't give much credence to metaphysical practitioners. Be careful of being too judgmental and severe. 44 is the master liberator. The potential is to become a "house hold name" or a self-made millionaire. Finally we have the number nine. This number gives an individual all the abilities of all the other numbers. The nine birth path person is wise, philosophical, tolerant, compassionate and spiritually inclined. Nines are humanitarians who succeed in social work, teaching, medicine, music and entertaining. As a nine, selfless giving is required. It is not unusual, therefore, for number nine people to be involved in situations where they are giving, giving and giving, but getting little back from those they give to. However, all that giving will come hack in other ways. Romantically, nines have success with older people or people from another culture, although it may be a long distance romance separated by many miles. The true mission of the number nine is to be GOD'S hand on earth. Mega wealth is possible in order to fulfill the nine's philanthropic urges. Now that you have opened your perfect gift, be sure to use it every day.


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