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Looking to rent a static caravan in the UK?

Updated on July 5, 2011

Finding the right place to park your caravan or rent a static caravan can be a difficult task, with so many spots to choose from in the UK it can be difficult to narrow down a list of potential camp sites with good facilities and an affordable price point, luckily thanks to the internet it's now even easier to do the research before you set off and you can even book online using most websites.

In the past most travellers simply showed up at a destination and found accommodation to stay at when they got there, this was a very frustrating task and they found that it often lead to disappointment due to the fact they hadn't planned ahead they ended up staying in whatever accommodation they could find rather than sleeping in the car, this proved to be expensive and inconvenient.

If the above has ever happened to you then you can know just how much of a downer this can put on your travel plans and the time you should be relaxing on holiday, with the internet you can now do a lot more planning and narrow down endless amounts of choices, you can even do local searches and dig up reviews from previous customers who will let you know any pitfalls they found while staying there, this can mean you can prepare for the worst or decide if the low price is worth the trade off.


Another thing to think about before booking is the size of the caravan, there are many different sizes of statics that are available to rent, some are best suited for larger families while others are best kept for individuals who like to travel light, whatever the need is you can be sure to find something online that will match your requirements and the best news is that it can be had with the touch of a button.

Checking over the facilities is another good idea, if you have kids its pretty much essential that you want to get as many facilities on the list as humanly possible, things like a DVD player and a gas fire will be essential as the kids are more used to home comforts these days plus your holiday will go a lot smoother if you can keep the kids entertained and happy, you should also check out the requirements of the renter, often they may or may not allow things like smoking or pets and some of them won't allow children on site so please check before booking.

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Filey, North Yorkshire YO14 9RF, UK
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