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Updated on September 15, 2010


                                     MARY MAGNIFIES THE LORD


“Oh!  Our Blessed Mother,

God Father is with you.

 Oh!  Our Blessed Mother,

The son of Most High God is borned by your womb.

 Oh!  Our Blessed Mother,

The Holy Spirit is your closed friend.

So, you became the Powerful Advocate for us before God in the Heaven.”


            Suppose one day, one of my friend, a devote Buddhist just hear one song, the Magnificat, the Mary’s hymn from the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:46-55). What will my friend think? That lady will think like some translation of Scripture said: “Mary’s soul magnified the LORD”.

            Mary sings about what God does. God blesses those who are small, poor and lowly-Here is Someone with enormous power. The poor fears such power, yet God shows them mercy. Human tyrants abuse power. This God sweeps them away.

            This God used his powerful arm to scatter those who are arrogant, proud, strong rulers from their thrones, and replaced humble people in their places. God gives the hungry good things to eat and sent away the rich with empty hands.

            Through Mary’s hymn of the Magnificat everybody who also believes in God find God appealing and hopeful. Mary sings of Abraham, our ancestor who God created descendents from a nomad. Those descendents later left slavery in Egypt. Moses asked this God: “what should we call you?’ “Call me I AM”. No normal name can say what this God is.

            How does Mary magnify the Lord? Her life is the window through which we see the image of the Eternal God taking our own form. Her heart is a lens through which our eyes focus in wonder as her response, her YES to God, and received something extraordinary.

            She said YES to the messenger of God, Angle Gabriel 2000 years ago, and with that YES she became the mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of our Church, the mother of all people on this earth, and she is taken up forever to unite with GOD in something astonishing which nobody had even all Angles and all Saints in the Heaven.

            Thank you Mary, our Blessed Mother:

-You became the favor daughter of God Almighty Father, the Creator.

- You became the beloved mother of God Jesus Christ, the Savior.

-You became the closed friend of God the Holy Spirit, the Protector who is guiding and protecting our Church in the earth right now.

- And the most important is you became the Powerful Advocate, our Mother of Perpetual Help who always intercedes and prays for us before the Holy Trinity, the Only Lord and Only God of all religions, all generations and all people on the earth now and forever…

            With your intercession, Oh Our Blessed Mother we believe that all our prayers to God will surely and absolutely get answers from God…Thank you Mother…


                        Joseph T copyright





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    • Huntgoddess profile image

      Huntgoddess 6 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Thanks for a beautiful Hub about our wonderful Blessed Mother.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Thank you for your reverence to Mary the Mother of Jesus.

      Brother Dave.