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MLP(My Little Pony) Party Idea's

Updated on May 24, 2016

Party Idea

Rarity's Station: Face Painting

Since Rarity loves everything to do with beauty, style and grace, what is better than face painting to have at your little one's birthday!

You can simply let your guests choose from one of the mane six ponies cutiemark's.

Fluttershy's Station: Horse riding or hide and seek

Now hiring a horse for your child's party might be on the expensive side but it will be a special memory that they will cherish forever. However, if it's a bit too pricey for you then you can always play a round or two of hide and go seek, a game that everyone enjoys and it provides something for the children to do for a while, so you can relax and have a bit of a rest.

Pinkie Pie's Station: Piñata or Pin the tail on the pony

Piñata are always a crowd favourite at kids parties. Being able to let your frustrations out and then getting showered with sweet sugary candy just seems like the perfect harmony. You can head down to your local party store and buy a themed piñata or you can simply make your own.

Pin The Tail On The Pony(Donkey) is of course a game that most of us played at our birthday parties when we were children. I remember getting dizzy while blindfolded and laughing with my friends even though i never got even close to winning. It's a game that everyone can have fun with and enjoy.

Twilight Sparkle Station: DIY Tiara's

Some girls love arts and crafts and i bet they'll love making their own princess tiara's too. I know i would! It's a perfect idea for kids to get busy, a bit messy and creative. It completely understandable if you don't want to have to clean up glue and glitter and all that jazz, so instead you can just let them colour in. Their are plenty of templates online everywhere. Of course if you don't think your child will enjoy it then you can also purchase paper tiara's at your local party store and i'm they'll love that just as much.

Apple Jack's Station: Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is another game that will provide many of laughs and smiles. And it won't even cost you much. All you need is bowls, apples, and water, how easy is that! It's a massive opportunity to take awesome and hilarious photo's too.

Rainbow Dash's Station: Hair Spray

This one is simple yet fun. SInce Rainbow Dash lives up to her name having a rainbow coloured mane, children have plenty of colours to choose from or they can have even more fun by choosing all of the colours. I understand that parents might not want their child to get coloured hair spray in their child's hair and it get be messy too but they wash out straight away and you can wash the colour out of clothes easily but if for whatever reason you can't do it, you can always buys kids coloured hair streaks. They are super cheap and their are usually clip on which is so super quick and easy. Plus they come in a range of colours!

Party Food

A food that represents Rarity would be Diamond muffins which will look pretty and taste super delicious, everyone will want one! For Fluttershy, i would go with something simple and healthy, like carrots and a range of yummy dips. Pinkie Pie would definitely love the idea of pretzels covered in white chocolate and sprinkles. Trust me, they taste sooooo good! For Princess Twilight Sparkle you could have some sort of lemonade or fruit punch, because why not. Candy Apples suit Apple Jack perfectly! And if your not so sure about toffee then covered the apple's with chocolate and you can add sprinkles too(optional). Another healthy option would be fruit cups to represent Rainbow Dash. You can fill each cup to the top with different types of yummy fruit, like strawberries, grapes, banana's, kiwi fruit, etc.

Party Bags

every guests loves party bags and to be honest a party just isn't complete without them. So some idea's could be silly/swirly straws, lollipops, colourful bracelets, themed colouring pages or activity sheets, and of course pencils. They are affordable and your little guests will love it.

When your children are all grown up you can bring out the photo book and take a flash back in time, looking at all the photo's to remember and cherish this fun day and share some of the fun stories for laughs. I hope these idea's were helpful as i sure had fun writing them!

This is Strawberry signing off :)

My Little Pony

My Little Pony
My Little Pony | Source

Mane Six(Seven)

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