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Great Personal Goals to Set in 2015

Updated on November 9, 2014

I will do anything to improve and maintain my health. Eat the right kinds of food, drink lots of water to keep hydrated, take plenty of rest and sleep, take daily walks and physical exercises, meditate for at least 10-15 minutes a day to free the mind from stress, read books and magazines, develop a hobby, always feel lively, energetic and enthusiastic. I will also make time to pray and connect to the Source.

I should realize that I was brought to this earth to be in fellowship with others. However, I should also learn to live and let live. I should live the life I choose and let others do the same. I should avoid comparing my life with others as each one of us have a different journey in this life. I will not waste my precious energy especially on gossip, especially if the person is not there to defend himself/herself. This is also what the scripture says of the latter. I will try to hear God’s voice often, not my own voice, or the voice of others. Only His voice brings peace, joy and assurance.

I should only make necessary steps to make myself happy, to smile and laugh more often, for no one is in charge of my happiness except me. I should also set a goal to make at least 2-3 people smile each day. I should learn to love others, abolish hate from my heart for life is too short to waste time hating anything or anyone. Each day, I should give or do something good to others. I should forgive everyone. I should realize that life is a school and we are here to learn, and that problem people, like Algebra class, are difficult to understand or solve, but they come into our lives so that we may learn something from them and teach us a lesson.

Past is passed. I should not remind myself of the issues of the past and waste my energy recalling what cannot be undone. Instead I can invest my precious energy by being positive in the present moment. God has given me the ability to dream, to dream big and achieve that dream. I should also realize all I need have been provided for, so I do not need to envy anyone else. It is just another waste of my precious time and energy. What I had lost, if cannot be restored or found, were probably never meant to be for me or be with me.

I will keep in touch with my family and loved ones often. I shall remember to honor my parents who brought me into this world. I thank God for them. I will also make an effort to call my siblings every now and then. We each made our own fortune. Some of my siblings were not so fortunate as the rests of us, but they are still fortunate that they still have life and family of their own who enjoy life, too. Me and my siblings, though we argue a lot about anything, we still try to agree in the end (or I will just let them win the argument). I quote a famous preacher who said, "a man with an experience can never be at the mercy of a man with an argument."

There are a lot of things in life that I should be focusing on - especially the right things! I will get rid of the ugly and unusual things that only give clutter in my life and home. I will release worn-out things, worn-out conditions and even worn-out relationships. I am grateful to God that I have a faithful husband, wide circle of friends, family and relatives (here and abroad) who cares for me and love me, enjoy me, appreciate me, trust me and believe in me.

Above all, I thank God, through His Son Jesus Christ, that I have all these goals to set year after year, because He is in my Innermost and through His Holy Spirit, all these can be made manifest to help me achieve and live a healthy and prosperous life, the life that He designed for me.



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