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Magic On Halloween: Why This Season Is Such a Powerful Time

Updated on October 20, 2018
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Sage has been a Wiccan Witch since before the internet, before Silver RavenWolf, and before it was ever a fad. We've come a long way, baby.

Halloween Magic

Halloween magic is real.
Halloween magic is real. | Source

Halloween Magic

If you've watched any horror movies lately, or have been listening to any rumors about the season, you've probably heard that Halloween is the most powerful time of year for magic. It's a time when Witches are very active, busy with their spell work and potion-making. You may have wondered if this is just some of the spooky folklore that came about due to people loving a good spooky story at this time, or if perhaps the associations run deeper.

My religion is Wicca, and Witchcraft is a part of it. I can tell you for a fact that it is no coincidence that this season is associated with powerful works of magic. It really is a powerful time, and there are reasons for that.

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Real Witchcraft and Magic

People who don't practice or understand magic seem to be under the impression that it has something to do with evil, devils, dark spirits or overall malevolent intentions. A lot of people believe Halloween to be rooted in 'evil'... and horror movies have just capitalized on the fakelore surrounding the season. If you want to learn the real history and roots of Halloween, you should check out my article here.

The truth is, though, there is nothing inherently dark or evil about this time of year. In my religion, magic is a natural resource-- like fire, wind or water power. It's there to be used-- and like all natural resources, it should be used safely and responsibly. This is just a good time of year to tap into it because there is a powerful convergence of energies.

The reason people think this is scary is because people fear magic. Namely, they fear power and control. Any Witch will tell you that relinquishing power and control is what is really scary. The choices we make impact not only our own lives, but families, communities, and whole societies. Using resources like magic responsibly to help promote change and improve lives is the responsible thing to do; not something to be feared.

So this time of year is not about doing bad things; it's about harnessing that natural resource while it is plentiful.

More On This Subject

The Magic Of The Liminal

One of the reasons this time of year is so powerful is because of liminality. The liminal are the in-between spaces: where the border of two places meet. Liminal places have always been considered very magical, for example:

  • shadows (between dark and light)
  • midnight (between two days)
  • thresholds/doorways/windows (between two places)

Every time and place has its own energy, and the liminal becomes like a bridge where those energies mingle and abound.

Halloween is a liminal time because it is technically the 'new year', agriculturally speaking. The Celts called this season 'Samhain', which means 'Summer's End', and it was like their new year. It's when everything began to die off-- to the ancient people's of northern climates, it was as if the sun and earth themselves were dying.

This is why death became such a major theme for so many cultures. People began honoring their ancestors at this time of year, and accepting death as a part of the life cycle. If you believe in a spirit that lives on after a physical death, then death is just another liminal place.

This season is the death of the year, and all people could do was wait for everything to seemingly be reborn.

Spirit Energy

Speaking of the liminal, at this time of year, many people believe the veil 'between the worlds' are thinned. Not just the veil between our world and the spirit world, but between all worlds. Again, the world becomes one big natural liminal space, but there is more to it than that.

Many psychics and magical people believe that different spiritual beings vibrate at different rates. Spirits of deceased humans, spirit guides and even Gods all vibrate at a much higher rate than humans in a physical body. All that energy coming 'through the veil', so to speak, leaking into our world, has a powerful affect on us.

Magic is, after all, simply the raising and manipulating of various types of energies. We can draw from our environment and the things in it, we can build it with emotions, movement or thoughts. When a sufficient amount is raised we send it toward our goals. Having all that extra energy around us is very useful.

Happy Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween raises energy.
Celebrating Halloween raises energy. | Source

Human Contributions

All the excitement at this time of year lends even more energy to the season-- something that a person casting spells or doing magical workings can draw from and utilize.

Think about it-- all those people who love Halloween. They're raising all that energy doing their decorating, putting together their costumes, getting worked up about the big day. The corn mazes, the haunted houses, the parties and horror movie marathons-- they all get people excited. Excitement raises energy.

Likewise, many fears abound at this time of year. Ancient people feared the cold, dark days ahead. Some religions fear anything to do with death or spirits. Some people believe in conspiracy theories about devil worshipers running around sacrificing babies and black cats to Satan. Personally, I don't believe in the latter, but whether it's true is irrelevant. People who believe it get worked up in a frenzy of fears, and whether what they fear is real or imagined, the emotional energy is still there.

Remember-- it's not a day; it's a season. It waxes in and wanes out, just like the full moon. You don't need to wait for October 31 to make the most of the energy of this season.

Halloween Spells

Magical timing depends on a lot of things-- moon phases, moon signs, planetary hours, etc. The timing of this season is conducive to certain types of magic specifically.

  • Harvest season: anything to do with 'harvesting' things you've worked for: do magic to reel in those things you've been working to accomplish. Give your efforts a boost. Bring your desires to fruition.
  • Abundance and Prosperity: think about it-- it is the harvest season, a time to enjoy nature's bounty. It's a good time to bring more of that abundance into your life, to keep it flowing.
  • Endings/deaths: because it is the season of death, it's a good time to draw upon those energies to bring an end to anything that isn't serving you anymore. Kill off your bad habits, your bad situations, your toxic relationships (of course, don't hurt the people, just put an end to the connection you have to those people).
  • Divination and psychic work: due to otherworldly and liminal energy, you may find that your own innate intuitive abilities are heightened during this season. Take this time to make the most of it, and to improve your skills.

Halloween isn't the only magical time of the year, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a time that offers more natural power from which to draw. If you practice any forms of magic, you should definitely make some plans to take advantage of it.

© 2018 Mackenzie Sage Wright


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