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Magnificent Moroccan Party in your living room or a wedding reception theme!

Updated on June 15, 2013

Sitting arrangement

Sitting arangement

Moroccan floor seating itself will transform your party's look and feel, so you must do this no matter what. I had set up tents for my friends as seen in the picture but it's very cost and space consuming. Just push your sofas out of the way or in a different room and cover the floor with various size cushions around a low table. You can put together storage boxes together side by side to form a square and cover it up with silk cloth in vibrant colors or with the dollar tree party table spreads if you are budget conscious. Remember , there can be nothing dull and Pastelly about a Moroccan Party! Fuschia, Blood Orange, Emerald green, Turqouise blue and golden are the order of the day!

I had taken some cheap tissue/ organza cloth and sewed up three sides on a square to fit the various sizes of my cushions and throw cushions available in the house. If you can bring in a hookah with flavoured tobacco squares, then your party's a hit right there!

DIY moroccan lanterns
DIY moroccan lanterns
Roadside Lantern store in Morocco
Roadside Lantern store in Morocco
Paper lanterns
Paper lanterns
check out the tea lights that I made at home with glass paint!
check out the tea lights that I made at home with glass paint!

The Decor - DIY ideas ahead!

Moroccan Lanterns and tea lights/ shot glasses can single-handedly transform the feel of the room . Only problem is you have to order the lanterns and glasses from Morocco or something. What if you can make it yourself.

Check out the picture of the Moroccan roadside lantern store ... they are heavy and beautifully crafted. But you can make light cylindrical versions of them with a stamp cutter and Mirrored craft paper from craft stores! (Michael's craft store carries them) Of course you need scissors and hot glue gun. The rest you can figure out!. If you are keen on having a color theme and are loving the pale pink and turqouise blue lanterns in the original shop picture, you can buy a spray paint in the preferred color and spray post gluing! Little candles inside placed and voila... your elegant Moroccan lantern is ready.

Alternatively, you can use translucent colored paper to create colorful paper lanterns that mimic the stained glass lanterns that are popular in Moroccan homes as well.

Must have Moroccan Tea Culture!

Tea is very important in receiving guests in Morocco. Long snouted Brass jars pouring out steaming flavoured tea into smalI color tipped glasses with elegant golden artwork. How to bring this to life at your party? I used small glasses , glass paint and golden glittery leafy stickers/ borders from craft stores to create shot glasses. Some of these I used as tea lights placing the flat round tea candles into them. My guests took some home as souvenirs.

If you are not going to give away glasses as souvenirs and are concerned about budget, buy the 3 for $1 craft acrylic paint, 3 flat paint brushes (size 10 should be ok ) and dozens of decorative top dollar store glasses. Apply single coats of paint so that the translucence of the paint shows through - you shouldn't block off the glass with paint! you can do the entire glass or one-third from the top and place a craft store golden sticker lace around the glass where the color ends. You will be a proud pseudo Moroccan at the end of the project!

And what to serve? Regular black tea/ earl grey tea with green mint soaking in it for a while and plenty of sugar cubes. Moroccans like their tea sweet!

If you are inspired to throw a small wedding reception in this theme, these DIY tea lights can make a great going away gift for the guests! just make sure you have extra candles and a small carry bag with ribbons ready to throw these into!

Henna for the ladies

You can step it up a notch , by buying Henna cones from a pakistani or middle eastern store.

I have spotted some with instructions and decoration ideas booklets at Michael's craft stores as well.. so you don't have to travel the globe to get your hands on henna, or more precisely, get henna on your hands. My guests love to explore into trying out henna on their arms like an armlet , at the small of their back, around their ankles , sides of their necks... get creative! no rules!

You can designate an artistic friend or a hired Indian beauty parlor professional to create henna tattoos for your guests. These typicaly wear off/ wash off under a week... so it'll only stay a bit longer than the hangover!

Didi by Khaled

Music to move the soul

If you haven't the Didi song, you have missed something special in your life! Its fun and very Moroccan! Singer Cheb Khaled is a winner of many prestigious awards, and has sold over 46 million albums worldwide including 10 diamond, platinum, and gold albums. In 2010 he performed Didi at the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

On the more soothing tones, you can have Majid Bekkas with his guitar playing in the back ground. Or even Aziz Sahmaoui. You can check out some of their tunes here :


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      Adham Gits 

      4 years ago

      Wow nice, I Really Love Moroccan décor, thanks for share such post.

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