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Make Someone's Thanksgiving: Give the Gift of Turkey

Updated on October 22, 2009

Turkey and Thanksgiving have become practically synonymous in the US. Thanksgiving doesn’t seem right without a golden roasted bird gracing a table filled with potatoes, green beans, and casseroles. But many people do not have access to turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner, because they cannot afford one or are without family and the means to cook one themselves. Giving a turkey can be incredibly rewarding for your family, and can remind you of all the things you have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.
Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are usually very busy during the holidays, and are always looking for volunteers to serve meals. Donate frozen turkeys to a shelter to serve on Thanksgiving, or help serve Thanksgiving dinner yourself. Most shelters accept turkeys and other food several weeks in advance of Thanksgiving. Contact your local shelter to find out what their greatest needs are for food and volunteers.

Give turkey to a neighbor.
If you have a neighbor or family that lives nearby that doesn’t like to cook or does not know how to make a turkey for Thanksgiving, offer your assistance or deliver a cooked turkey yourself. Many people who live alone do not cook a turkey for themselves because they see it as too much food for one person and don’t want excessive leftovers. Invite people like this to eat with your family. This way they can eat turkey without having to cook excess.


Give turkey to a foreign exchange student.
International college students who attend school in the United States do not celebrate Thanksgiving in their home countries, and so do not go home for the holiday. Often, these students are left alone over the holiday as all their friends travel to visit family to celebrate. If your kids are in college or you have ties to a university, seek out one of these students to participate in your celebration. Giving some turkey to those not used to celebrating Thanksgiving can help them learn about American culture and have a great time getting to know you.


Give turkey to your own family.
If your family is getting together for Thanksgiving, offer to bring and/or cook the turkey for everyone. The turkey can be a stressful ordeal to those not used to cooking it, so if you have experience, you can bring relief to the situation. This is an especially attractive offer if someone else is hosting the party. You can relieve them of some of the burden of the meal as a way of expressing thanks for their willingness to bring everyone together.




Image Credit: xybermatthew, Flickr


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