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Make Your Own Ant-man Costume - DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Homemade How To

Updated on March 27, 2017
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Who Is Ant-Man And Why Do I Want To Make Him My Costume For Halloween

Ant-Man seems like an unlikely superhero, after all, he has a lot going against him. Or so it would seem. But that's only at first glance. Let's find out more about Ant-Man and learn how to make a homemade Ant-Man costume for Halloween dress up fun. If you are going to a party, a costume contest, or just out in disguise, here is a fun outfit idea for you.

Ant-Man is just one of the many superheroes we have from Marvel Comics. He was created by Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby back in the 1960's and like many comic heroes his story has changed through the years. We recently were re-introduced to Ant-Man thanks to the latest movie released in 2015. This film stars Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and that made it a must see on my list. I have been crazy about Paul Rudd ever since I saw "Love You Man".


A Brief Run Down Of The Ant-Man Movie

Years ago scientist and member of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hank Pym, created an shrinking technology but feared it could be very dangerous. When he learns that S.H.I.E.L.D. has tried to copy his project he resigns. When he does he also swears to keep his formula a secret.

He forms a company and partners with Darren Cross. He doesn't quite trust Darren so he holds back all the science he could teach him. Darren has poisoned Pym's daughter, Hope, against him and these two take over the company. Cross is very close to discovering the secret to Pym's cutting edge shrinking technology and the knowledge of how to make his own "Yellowjacket" suit. This doesn't make Pym happy at all.

Enter Paul Rudd. Rudd stars as down on his luck thief, Scott Lang, who was recently released from jail. Lang has a daughter who lives with the ex-wife and her new cop fiance. They are not too happy with his non-support of his daughter Cassie. Lang is having a difficult time finding a job because he has a criminal record. He gives in to his friend Luis and agrees to go and break in to a house to steal what's in the safe. He only finds what he thinks is a motorcycle suit. He takes the suit home, tries it on and shrinks to the size of an ant. He is frightened by the suit and tries to return it. He is, however, arrested when he brings it back. The house belongs to Pym. Pym and Scott come to an agreement, Pym brings the suit to jail and Scott breaks out.

Scott's part of the bargain is to steal the suit that Cross has made and bring it to Pym. Of course, there's a lot more action and intrigue than that, but this is a how to make an Ant-Man costume page. I just wanted to give you a brief background of the hero and where he came from.

The movie also starred Michael Douglas as Pym, Evangeline Lily as his daughter, Hope, and Corey Stoll as Darrin Cross. If you haven't seen it yet and are a Marvel Comic or Paul Rudd fan, rent it and learn more about this story line.


How To Make An Ant-Man Costume

You will need to search your drawers, your closets, and your attic for the materials you will need to make your own Ant-Man costume for Halloween. You might have to make or buy some accessories too. Here's what you are going to need:

Helmet (check out the how to make your own cardboard/duct tape Ant-Man helmet video below)

Mock Turtleneck Top In Black

Black Stretch Pants/Leggings

Red Jersey For Red Ant-Man Costume Accents

Cardboard And Aluminum Foil

Puffy Paint

Black Gloves

This isn't a terribly complicated costume but there is a lot of detail. I've posted an amazing video below that will show you how to assemble this costume using cardboard, tupperware, foil ... and the costume they make is Super Amazing! The only thing is, it does not shrink.

Make Your Own Ant-Man Suit! - Homemade How-to!


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