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Make Your Own She-Ra Costume - DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Homemade How To

Updated on August 6, 2016

She-Ra Costume Ideas For Halloween

Super She-Ra Halloween costumes are easy to make yourself. It's a simple outfit and you might have something that works right in your closet. But before we get started on how to make a costume, let's find out just who She-Ra is.

She-Ra is also known as Princess Adora. She is the star of the animated TV series, She-Ra: Princess of Power. Her brother is He-Man, star of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. She-Ra's animated series debuted in 1985. It was hoped that She-Ra was as popular with young girls as He-Man was to boys of the day. Prince Adam is He-Man and he is the brother of Princess Adora, She-Ra. The princess was kidnapped as a baby by Hordak, the leader of the Horde Troopers.


She-Ra's Powers

Her Powers include:

  1. Super Strength is her defining characteristic—on several occasions, she’s been depicted as being able to lift full-grown men, robots and even mountains and building.
  2. With super speed and superhumanly acrobatic, She-Ra is able to easily multiple attacks with her sword.
  3. She-Ra is naturally nurturing and empathetic in character, with mental communication with animals and healing powers.


She-Ra's Weapons

Her Weapons Are:

  1. First and foremost, She-Ra is overall non-violent, relying on her wits and only resorting to combat as a last-ditch effort. For this, She-Ra wields her Sword of Protection, a magic weapon parallel to her twin brother’s Sword of Power. This sword is magical in nature, taking its power from the stone at its core. The sword has transmutation, allowing it to change into any item required at a moment’s notice (this includes a boomerang, shield, etc…)

Look over many different pictures to find the ideas you need to craft your own homemade She-Ra costume this year.
Look over many different pictures to find the ideas you need to craft your own homemade She-Ra costume this year. | Source

Traditionally, She-Ra has been clad in gold-and white with a long, flowing blonde mane. (While in Hordak’s army, she can be occasionally seen in blue or red). With a winged gold helmet, knee-high boots in either white or gold, and what can only be described as a white Greek tennis dress (sometimes with signature red cape) this was the only stage of her costume.

The most difficult part of making a She-Ra costume is going to be the helmet. That can be made with glue, paint, and craft glue. You will find a video below that shows you just how to do it.

She-Ra and her brother, He-Man
She-Ra and her brother, He-Man | Source

You will need a white dress, Greek tunic style, a red cape, gold boots, a gold belt, a gold tiara, wrist gauntlets, and a sword to dress up as She-Ra.

Dress Ideas
A White Grecian Style Tunic Dress
A Gold Tiara
A Sword & Shield
White Dress W/Sweet Heart Top
A Gold Belt
White Skirt & A Corset Top
Gold Boots
A Red Cape
Gold Boots

The dress can be a tunic style dress or a skirt and a tank top or a corset top. You will need some gold foam to make the headpiece/crown, some gold material or lame to make the appliques for the dress, a needle and thread or some fabric glue, some gold boots or gold boot covers, a red cape with a tie string, and some wrist gauntlets you can make out of gold material or craft foam and some double sided tape. It's a pretty easy costume to make - the headpiece is probably the most difficult project you will come across if you decide to dress up as She-Ra.

Get a gold color belt and put some foam or fabric embellishments on it to decorate it like the belt you see on She-Ra.

You can carry a shield and a sword ... you can make the shield out of cardboard and gold fabric, foil, or spray paint. The sword can also be crafted out of cardboard and spray painted silver. Be sure to check the videos below to see how to make a shield and a sword.

Check the links and videos below to get some ideas on how to assemble your outfit once you find the clothing and accessories you need.

Cut out foam pieces and spray them gold or cover them with gold foil or fabric.  Put them onto your white She-Ra dress to make a great looking Halloween costume.
Cut out foam pieces and spray them gold or cover them with gold foil or fabric. Put them onto your white She-Ra dress to make a great looking Halloween costume. | Source

How To Make A Cardboard Shield - Make She-Ra's Gold In Color

Make A Foil Tape Sword

How To Make A Foil Tape Sword
How To Make A Foil Tape Sword | Source

Good and Evil She-Ra/He-Man Costumes

How To Make A Cardboard Sword

Watch An Episode Of She-Ra - Into Etheria


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