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Festive Cakes, Cupcakes, and Treats for Superbowl Parties.

Updated on January 17, 2012
Festive football cupcakes made easily with edible Cake Stickers!
Festive football cupcakes made easily with edible Cake Stickers!

Festive Football Themed Treats!

Great food is the highlight of Super Bowl Sunday. Make this fun and festive football field cake to complete the wonderful spread of delicious foods you created.

These amazing desserts are inexpensive and easy to make. You simply peel and place the pre-printed edible Football themed Cake Sticker on your frosted cake, cupcake, brownie, rice crispie treats, or cookies, it's that easy! Don't have time to make a cake? Pick up a plain iced cake, cupcakes, or cookies (great on brownies too) from your local grocery store.

Cake Stickers are 100% edible, FDA and Kosher approved. They are actually frosting pressed ultra thin on a backing sheet, edible inks are used to create the vivid images. Cake Stickers also known as Photo Cakes, help you create amazing designer looking treats for a fraction of the cost to purchase. It is so much fun to present your beautiful creations and so much fun to eat as well.

Make this Football Field cake in 3 easy steps: (Cupcakes are made the same way)

1. Make or purchase a 1/4 sheet cake ( 11" x 13"). Any size cake no smaller than 9" x 11" will work. The cake sticker measures 7.5" x 11".

2. Frost your cake as you usually do. If you have purchased a plain pre-frosted cake (borders around edging is fine) the frosting may have a "skin", spray a fine mist of water on the frosting to moisten and freshen.

3. Peel the Football Field Cake Sticker from the plastic backing sheet and place it on the cake. Smooth it out making sure the edges are touching. In about 15 minutes the Cake Sticker will merge with your cakes frosting and become part of the frosting!

Fill Your Heart Edible Memories is a leading manufacturer of Photo Cakes and Designer Cake Stickers, they carry a large selection of football prints as well as Cake Sticker prints for birthdays, baby showers, and all your special occasions. You can purchase edible image Super Bowl themed Cake Stickers for just $10.95 a sheet with free shipping at

Everyone will be delighted and have so much fun eating the special dessert you created. You'll be the talk of the town!

You can create all sorts of amazing treats with Cake Stickers. They can also be placed on cupcakes, brownies, fudge, rice crispy treats, and anything you can frost or dip in chocolate. Making your own amazing cakes and treats will save you a lot of money and look like a professional made it. Everyone can do it, no experience is necessary. Cake Stickers do all the work for you!

Football cupcakes, always a touchdown!
Football cupcakes, always a touchdown!


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