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How to Make a Christmas Angel Ornament From Pasta

Updated on April 7, 2011
Angel's body
Angel's body

It's that time again when the holidays are fastly approaching, and many stores already have holiday decorations for sale. Why not when many of us are pinching pennies, make instead of buying ornaments for the Christmas tree. Here is a easy one that the whole family will enjoy doing.

Materials required

Dried lima beans ( 1 bean needed for each angel made)


Colored markers

Assorted dried pasta (tiny soup pastas, rigatoni, wagon wheel,elbow macaroni, and bow-tie pasta wings).


Completed Angel
Completed Angel
Angel with color added
Angel with color added


How to make

Start with a lima bean, and for curls brush glue on one side of the bean and press into a small pile of soup pastas. Decorate the lima bean face with markers. The colors can be whatever you choose to go with a theme you have. Use a rigatoni noodle for the body and glue on top of it a wagon wheel pasta collar, which is essentially the neck. Next, glue on the elbow macaroni arms and bow-tie pasta wings. Glue the head onto the body, and you're done.

For a hanger, tie on a loop of thread below the bean.


Need extra color?

To add color to your angels, color with sharpies, craft paints, magic markers, or whatever you choose. This will be a tedious task and should be done at least a day ahead of time to allow ample drying time before all pieces are glued together.


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    • profile image

      andrea 5 years ago

      this are cool. i made them one year with my grandma when i was young and i forgot how to make them. now i can make them with my kid