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Make an Elsa Costume

Updated on October 10, 2014

You Can Make an Elsa Costume

Have you had it with trying to find an Elsa dress in the stores? The the popularity of the Disney movie, Frozen, so many little girls want to be Elsa that the stores are struggling to keep her dress in stock. If you can find one, it is either expensive or poorly made.

Fortunately, you have some sewing skills, so why not put them to work to make your little girl the most beautiful Elsa at the party? This page is full of ideas, tips and suggestions for making the princess dress that your daughter or granddaughter will proudly show off.

I still remember the beautiful costumes my grandmother made me when I was a child. I even won our town's costume contest two years in a row, wearing the old fashioned dresses she made me. I won the prize for most beautiful in the second grade, and best overall in the third grade.

Your child can have wonderful memories like this when you make her special costume by hand. Let's get started!

Elsa Costume Sewing Pattern

Transform your little girl into an enchanting Frozen princess!
Transform your little girl into an enchanting Frozen princess! | Source

Sewing Pattern for an Elsa Costume

Using a commercial pattern will ensure that your project will turn out nicely. You will know exactly how much fabric to purchase, the notions you will need and the size your dress will end up being.

The envelope contains step-by-step instructions for putting your garment together. You will see exactly what you need to do each step of the way.

If you like to use a pattern, there are several to choose from. Be aware that, like the ready-made dresses, the patterns are selling out quickly. It is a good idea to order yours early to ensure that it arrives in time for you to make the costume by the date needed.

The dress shown above is made from McCall's pattern M7000. The Amazon link just below the photo will take you to a page with more information about the pattern.

The pattern to the right is from Simplicity. There is a negative review on the page that has to do with someone's misfortune of ruining her project by attaching the snowflakes on the cape using fabric paint. She says the instructions said to do this.

I think you will have better success if you make the cape using fabric that already has snowflakes on it, or tack your decorations on with a few well-placed stitches by hand. That is the way Grandmother would have done it, and she was a very accomplished seamstress.

Pretty Snowflake Fabric for Elsa's Cape

Sheer White Organza with Silver Snowflakes (1 yd)
Sheer White Organza with Silver Snowflakes (1 yd)

Use fabric like this to make the cape shown on the little girl below.


Remake a Thrift Store Formal into an Elsa Dress

You might prefer to remake a dress you already have, or one you find in a thrift store, into an Elsa costume. This can be a fun project that yields awesome results, as the mother in this video discovered. Her little girl is thrilled with her beautiful gown!

She found a lady's blue cocktail dress at the thrift. She took that in to fit her daughter's chest and waist measurements.

Then she added sleeves and a neckline by cutting apart a long-sleeved, nylon nightgown. She made the cape by gathering novelty fabric and attaching it to the back of the dress.

At the end of the video, you will see a dress-up costume that she quickly put together for a younger sibling who wanted one too. This is a good idea for playtime!

A handmade dress can make any little girl feel like a princess. Just watch her smile and twirl!
A handmade dress can make any little girl feel like a princess. Just watch her smile and twirl! | Source

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Tips for Making Your Elsa Costume

  • Gather all your fabrics and notions before you begin your project.
  • Check selvage bins for small lengths of fabric that may work for your project, to save money.
  • Lay all your pattern pieces out on the fabric before cutting.
  • Don't rush! Take your time and go as slowly as you need to to do a good job.

Another Mom Sewing an Elsa Costume for Her Daughter

© 2014 Frischy

Do you have any tips for creating an Elsa costume for a little girl?

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    • Ladymermaid profile image

      Ladymermaid 3 years ago from Canada

      This costume making tutorial is wonderful. I have made a few costumes for my kids as well when they were younger. I know capes are very easy to create out of an old dress. Wonderfully done. Love the pictures.