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How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers - A Cheap, Whimsical Party Decoration and Favor

Updated on August 5, 2017
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A long time crafter Dolores has created sewing projects for private clients, including pillow covers, linen pillow cases, and sink skirts.

Tissue Paper Flowers

You can see that the one on the upper right is not so pretty - that was the first one, you get better with practice!
You can see that the one on the upper right is not so pretty - that was the first one, you get better with practice! | Source

Inexpensive Party Decoration

Tissue paper flowers are a whimsical and attractive party decoration. You can make these inexpensive flowers for bridal or baby showers, childrens' parties or any event you wish to dress up. Tissue paper flowers are simple to make, informal, and fun. They can double as party favors, delighting your guests when the party is over.

Purchase tissue paper in large packages at big box stores. You can use a single color for a mass of similar blooms. A wedding shower looks pretty with all white flowers. Or, you can use the colors of the bride's maids dresses.

To please a guest of honor, create tissue paper flowers in their favorite color or use exciting combinations like pink and orange.

I used several sheets of striped tissue mixed in with plain for added interest.

For added depth, use several shades of the same color.

Make the tissue paper flowers resemble giant blooms or vary the sizes by cutting the paper in half to create smaller flowers.

For a recent baby shower, I set out a container of real carnations too. The tissue paper flowers resemble carnations so the combination was very attractive.

The tissue paper flowers shown here are quite large. You can make smaller versions by following the same instructions while using smaller paper.

Materials Needed

Tissue paper - and lots of it. The more the merrier


Floral wire or chenille pipe cleaners.

And, of course, it's a lot more fun if you have a friend to help!

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Take 10 sheets and cut them in half. If you are making a huge flower, more sheets will create a fluffier bloom. But for the 1st one you make, use less. Think of it as your practice flower.

Pile them on top of one another, matching the corners.

Fold the tissue paper back and forth, making accordion pleats with the folds 1/2 inch to 1 inch as shown below.

Tissue Paper Flower - Fold Accordian Style

(photo by Ajax Monet)
(photo by Ajax Monet)

Wrap floral wire or chenille pipe cleaner around the center of the folded sheets. If you want to display the flowers in a vase, use stiffer, longer wire.

Tissue Paper Flowers - Secure in Center With a Wire

(photo by Ajax Monet)
(photo by Ajax Monet)

Fold in half like a fan and secure with wire as shown below.

If you like, before you spread the fan, clip the edges. Snip into the petal or cut rounded edges for an interesting, more flower-like look.

Tissue Paper Flowers - Fold in Half Like a Fan

(photo by Ajax Monet)
(photo by Ajax Monet)

Gently unfold the tissue paper as shown below, separating the pieces of tissue paperl After unfolding, you can fluff or arrange the tissue as you like.

Gently Unfold Tissue Paper and Fluff

(photo by Ajax Monet)
(photo by Ajax Monet)

Making Tissue Paper Flowers

(photo by Ajax Monet)
(photo by Ajax Monet)

Tissue Paper Flower - Done!

(photo by Dolores Monet)
(photo by Dolores Monet)

© 2010 Dolores Monet


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