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Making A Diaper Cake

Updated on April 27, 2016

Time to Make

When you decide to make a diaper cake, there is some information that you must know right off the bat.

The first thing is, there is no correct way to make a diaper cake. You can make it one of two ways. Either by filling in the middle with diapers and using more diapers or by keeping the middle area open and placing items inside of the diaper cake that the expecting parent/parents will need.

You can expect the diaper cake to take up to a few days to complete. It will vary depending on what you are doing the cake theme in and how much detail you want to put into the diaper cake.

Step 1- Gather All Items

The first step is to gather all of your items. You are going to need the following items:

4 Packages of Diapers

Package of rubber bands

Ribbon for the layers- preferably different colors

Baby Items such as:

  • Baby bottles
  • Bottle brushes
  • pacifiers
  • hair brushes
  • nail clippers
  • any other baby items you want
  • Baby Blanket
  • Hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • wooden dowels
  • something to cut the dowels with

Step 2- Roll Diapers

The next step is to take the diapers and roll them into a log and place a rubber band around it. The diaper should be started by rolling the diaper from the open end into the closed end. You will need to place a clear rubberband around the finished rolled diaper.

You will want to have all of the diapers rolled up before moving on to the next step. You can wrap them all up in the rubberband and then when you are done, turn and place all the rolled diapers onto the foam board. Once you have done this and made a circle shape, place a giant rubberband around all the diapers to keep them all in one place. The ugly rubberband doesn't matter as it will be covered by the ribbon that you have chosen.

Step 3- Make another layer

The next layer will need to be placed on top of the first layer. Remember to leave room for the items to be placed inside the middle of the diaper cake. Once you have left enough room and have placed a rubber band around the diapers, you will then continue on to the next layer.

Make as many layers as you want to make. Most diaper cakes are usually 4 layers tall and will usually use a different ribbon for each layer.

Step 4- Insert Wooden Dowels

When you have made all the layers to the diaper cake and have either filled the inside of the cake in with your baby items or used diapers to fill in the whole layer, you will then want to move onto securing the layers together. Most will purchase a wooden dowel from your local hobby store such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

You will want to measure the height of the diaper cake and then cut the portion of the dowel off that stands above the diaper cake. You will want to have the dowel inserted in the middle of the cake if you have filled in the whole layer and as close to the middle if you have not. If you do not have a full layer, purchase 2 dowels and place them across from one another in the diaper cake.

When you have done this and are ready to move onto the next step, move on.

Step 5- Apply Ribbon and Bows

The next step is to measure out the ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the layer. When you have wrapped it completely around the layer, attach a few drops of hot glue to the ribbon and hold in place carefully to the ribbon.

When the hot glue has dried, make a bow to attach to the ribbon going around the cake. Make sure that you are lining up the bows on all layers of the diaper cake. If you want to space them out and zig zag them on the cake, this would be a good time to do that.

Once you have attached all the bows and ribbon to the layers of the cake, then move onto the next step of placing the baby items in the cake.

Step 6- Spread out Baby Items

You will want to place the baby items that you got around the diaper cake. Most people will pick up small bottles of baby wash, baby powder and bottles and pacifiers. You can use a stuffed animal on the top of the cake as a cake topper. You can choose which type of cake topper to use from your local toy department or toy store.

The topper should not be too big to ensure that it will stay in place on the cake. If it is too big, it will hang over on the cake and will also cause the top to become top heavy. A small stuffed animal will add just the right touch to your cake.

The baby items that you choose for your cake should be the Johnsons Baby Wash line of products. The Johnsons baby items are hypoallergenic and therefore are less likely to cause an allergic reaction to the child. That does not mean that the baby will not have an allergy or a reaction to the products but they are less likely to.

Baby Girl Finished Diaper Cake

Baby Boy Finished Diaper Cake

Finished Diaper Cakes

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Alternate Filling

If you want to make the cake extra special, you can pick out a nice baby blanket from your local store. Pick out a blanket that is soft and plush. The baby will like the feeling of the blanket and so will the mother. You will want to roll the blanket into a solid roll. When you have done this, you will then want to wrap a rubberband around the blanket.

Once you have placed the rubberband around the blanket, set it in the middle of the diaper cake ring. You will want to place the diapers around the solid baby blanket and then carefully attach one solid rubberband to hold them all in place. Once the diapers and the blanket are secure, you will then start to apply the next layer. The next layer is not going to be as big as the bottom layer. You will want to indent at least one solid row of diapers however you could go in 2 rows of diapers. Once you have done this, you can move onto the ribbon step and finish out the rest of the steps.

Alternate Method for Diaper Cakes


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