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Making The Holidays Affordable

Updated on November 29, 2010

Making The Holidays Affordable

Living in a tough economy where jobs are disappearing and people who are working are struggling to make ends meet so that they can take care of themselves and their families, will find it harder every year during the holidays to have a decent Christmas. If you are determine to find a way to make the holidays affordable, you might find it wise to take these tips.

Two or three months before Christmas, start putting a little money aside. During the holiday season many people over spend too much money on decorations and gifts for family and friends and end up maxing out their credit cards leading them into debt. By saving months in advance for Christmas it will ease up on your wallet.

Do some of your shopping months in advance, hitting clearances on items you know that your loved ones will enjoy, just make sure you hide the gifts well so no one in your home will snoop and find out what they got for Christmas before it arrives.

You know that your son has been bugging you all summer long for a Nintendo Wii, and you promised that Santa was bringing it for Christmas. Perhaps, a promise you shouldn't have made, but how were you supposed to know that you were being demoted before the summer ended and you'd be taking a pay cut at work and to make matters worse, your husband was fired.

Visiting a pawn shop to see if the game is there at an affordable price might help or checking your local paper in the classifieds to see if anyone is getting rid of their game system, could be a diamond in the rough, making you that lucky parent who gave your child the gift he's been wanting for a long time.

If that doesn't solve the problem, making a deal with relatives in friends by taking a small cash collection instead of them buying a gift for your son, would be great. Your family and friends will know your financial situation and may want to help out.

This year, it would be better instead of you and your family traveling to spend Christmas with relatives, it is best they travel to spend that time with you and your family instead, because you and your family are struggling financially. Last year you went all out decorating your home with Christmas lights, mechanical reindeer's throughout your yard and a giant lite up Santa in his sleigh. Decorations alone is costly, so this year try and be a little more frugal when it comes to purchasing decorations for Christmas. There are dollar stores and discount stores where you can find affordable knick knacks and other Christmas decor for your home.

Giving gifts shouldn't be so hard during this economic crisis you and your family are experiencing. You can make brownies or cookies and put them into decorative holiday tins or make fruit baskets to give to your relatives and friends who visit you. The holidays will not be complete without food and Christmas music. However, you can't afford to feed all of your guest when they arrive. Therefore, asking each guest to bring a potluck to go along with the turkey or ham you've made should suffice. And as for music, if you don't have any Christmas songs, most music stations plays continuous Christmas songs all day long, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, or you can go on and download some songs.

The holidays are about family and friends being together, sharing good times and making memories; it's not about what's under the Christmas tree, but what's in the heart.


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