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Making a Flamingo Costume Is Easy

Updated on October 27, 2010
My Little Mingo
My Little Mingo
Here you can see the beak more closely. See how lousy I satin stitch...she still looked so cute!
Here you can see the beak more closely. See how lousy I satin stitch...she still looked so cute!

I Don't Even Sew that Well

This costume idea came out of my head. My daughter adores the Flamingos at our local zoo, so I decided after making her a pink tutu, it wouldn't be that hard to repurpose it into a costume of our favorite pink feathered friend.

  1. First, cut a piece of elastic so that it fits comfortably around the costume wearer's waist. then use needle and thread to sew it together- or knot it if you hate to sew.
  2. Next, buy two rolls of tulle if you are making this for a toddler. My gal is 2 years old. You'd need more if your making this for someone larger.
  3. Cut the tulle into uniform strips. All of mine were about 7 inches long or so. This doesn't have to be too exact.
  4. Knot the tulle around the elastic.
  5. Next, I bought some crushed panne fabric from the material store (on sale!). I had way too much. I think I bought a yard of it.
  6. I looked at some pics of Flamingos and then free hand cut some wings. I folded the fabric in half with right sides together and cut. Then used this set I cut for first wing to cut the second wing.
  7. I had some quilt batting laying around so I cut it in the same shape as the wings, but a wee bit smaller.
  8. I used a sew machine for this...but you could do it by hand if needed. Using pink thread that matched the material, I sewed each pair of wings around the edges with about a 1/2" seam allowance or less. Leave an open side on each wing.
  9. Stuff the quilt batting into the opening of each wing. It might bunch up a bit...this is ok. Straighten it out as much as possible.
  10. Then sew some curvey lines down each wing to give the illusion of feathers. I just did one on each bc I knew if I pressed my luck my sewing machine would mess up or something as always!
  11. Now sew the wings shut and use needle and thread to take them onto each side of the tutu. Leave room in the very front for the flamingo's head.
  12. Next (and I'm no artist believe me) I freehand cut a flamingo's neck and head. I did this on a folded piece of fabric and left one side against the fold so I'd have less sewing to do.
  13. Leave the bottom of the neck open, but sew all around the edges leaving a small seam allowance. I cut out my pieces with zig zag scissors so I wouldn't have to worry about it fraying and I wouldn't have to make a neat hem. Like I said, I am a want to be sewer, but I'm not very good YET! Haha.
  14. Stuff your flamingo head full of cotton batting and close up the neck. Sew the bottom of the neck to the front of the tutu.
  15. Use some embroidery thread to satin stitch on the black beak and add some button eyes.
  16. Safety pin the flamingo's head to your child's shirt. Wala, you are done.

Alternative Ideas


Other ideas I had while making it:

1. Had I been a better sewer and had more time, I'd of made a puppet out of the mouth and velcrod (not a word I know) on the head to her shirt. She could have taken it off and made it talk and move about.

2. Ella loves gloves, so I thought of making the head a big glove, but wasn't sure if the Flamingo would look wopsided.


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    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      That is so cute!!