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Making a Happy Father's Day

Updated on June 18, 2017
To Serve with love, Grace and dignity
To Serve with love, Grace and dignity

For the love of our father's

" Every day is not Christmas but every day is father's day." NosaJ

What is Fathers day? Why is there a Father's day. Father's day is father's day. In its most basic form it appears self explanatory and it is to honor fatherhood but like many other celebrated days or events that have become a part of our culture, we are unaware of the how, the why or the original meaning. In some cases the why or the origin becomes irrelevant but the celebration remains and will prevail from generation to generation because it has become a custom.

Father's day is a day of celebration to honor fathers, celebrate fatherhood, the parental bond between father and children and also the influence and impact fathers have on a societal level. Although we call it father's day, it is actually much more than that, as is mother's day. It has been named Father's day and yes the primary celebrant is `dad" but It is much more than just Father's day. It is so because it is about life, it is about sacrifices that have been made, it is about mistakes to look back at and laugh, it is about family, it is about now and it is about the future. It may not be honored as an official holiday but it does have as great a significance, if not more than some official holidays.

As for its origin, it dates back to the middle ages in Europe. In the USA, it originated or found its place in the early 20th century to celebrate being a father and male parenting. It also took a mining disaster tragedy and the loss of a group of miners to get it started in Western Virginia in 1908. That was one beginning, followed by other attempts subject to some resistance and interrupted by other more pressing events of the times.

In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring Father's and in 1972 President Nixon signed it into law to make it official. Congress at the time of the Lyndon Presidency was right about one thing.They feared at the time that it would become commercialized and so it has like many other holidays.

It is about life, about family life and not about commerce. Although commerce is a big part of life, It is about the honor of being a father and not about spending money. A father does that almost every other day and yes he deserves to have some money spent on him, but where do you think the money is coming from, if the children have not yet become bread winners themselves? From mom, of course or maybe even dad. I can assure you there are some children out there that have said ` Dad can you lend me some money to get you a gift' and dad probably honored the request.

To father's day the greatest meaning is love for it is the love that lies in a father's heart and mind that drives the desire to be a great parent and to make the sacrifices that are made. In return it is also love that is the greatest gift. There is no gift on line, no gift advertised on the radio and no gift in the stores that can have more value than the gift of love, of quality time spent together and the sound of laughter. That is what it should be about more than anything else...appreciation in the form of love, time spent together, the sound of laughter and the feeling of joy.

Being a father is not an entitlement it is a privilege and an honor. It is a privilege and an honor because not everyone can have children and not every male who has a child or children becomes a parents, for one reason or another. It is a great responsibility. It is a journey and it can be a struggle but also an adventure. It is a joint venture, because without mom, there would be no child or children and without a child or children, there would be no Father's day to celebrate. It is thus also about family and togetherness.

Happy Father's Day


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