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Malaysia - A Brief Introduction

Updated on December 26, 2012

This may sound unfamiliar to most readers out there that did not even heard of Malaysia. Well Malaysia, which is where I’m living now. Malaysia is located at the Southeast Asia Region connected with Thailand on the north while bordering at the south with Indonesia. Malaysia is divided into two parts which are the West (Penisular Malaysia) and East of Malaysia (Borneo Island). It is further divided into eleven states in the West and two states in the East. One of the famous state is Penang aka Pearl of the Orient.


We Malaysian had always been raised and proud to be Malaysian where the country consists of multi-cultural people. Some of the major people are Malays consists of the main population while Chinese and Indian are following close behind. Despite the fact that we our multi-cultural, we live in peace and harmony. Although racism and other problems do arises, seen from my own two eyes. Fortunately, serious cases are not much and everyone do understand each other and harmony do exists sometimes. Moreover, there are still many different ethnic and culture that does not stand out or rather low in population. In Malaysia, the indigenous people are called bumiputras which include Kadazan, Iban, Sikh, Murut and many more.

The Food

Living in Malaysia practically made everyone a food lover. As we live in a multi-cultural country, the food comes in multiple ways are as well. I’ll be listing out some of the famous and traditional food in Malaysia. You might be interested to come have a visit to Malaysia and try this food yourself. You will not regret it! Now let’s get back to the point, I’ll start with the Chinese food that are famous in Malaysia which are Bak Kut The, Char Koey Teaw, Dim Sum, Tong Sui and many more. As for the Malays, some of their traditional foods are Nasi Lemak, Ikan Bakar and Ketupat while Indians foods are more traditional in their ways which include Banana Leaf Rice, Thosai and Roti Canai. I will write more article regarding these terrific foods in the future. Stay tuned!

Cherating Beach

Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach | Source

The Beaches

Since Malaysia is surrounded by water and unknowingly that had made Malaysia famous of its beaches as the centre of attraction. Thousands and hundreds of tourists came all around the world to visit Malaysia beaches and they can enjoy the food at the same time as well. One of the famous beaches is the Cherating Beach in Kuantan Malaysia. The beach provides excellent hospitality and you can enjoy their traditional village and food there. Next is the Pulau Redang (Redang Island) which even I had never been there and I’m planning to go there soon. The place is the heaven for scuba diving as the water there are definitely clean and sparkling. Lastly is the Pulau Langkawi (Langkawi Island) where it is an island of history. Took place beside the Pearl of The Orient, Penang where you can find excellent seafood, beer and chocolates there. They proclaimed themselves to be one of the true tropical paradise for you to enjoy your holiday or getaway.

The Drama

Well the happenings in Malaysia had never failed to satisfy me. With the upcoming 13th General Election of Malaysia, more drama can be found that been entertaining to the citizen nevertheless. The coming election going to have huge surprises as the opposition and the government are actually competing head-to-head this time with no obvious winners. If the opposition party did win in the election, be ready to see an extreme makeover of Malaysia system. Besides, with the most recent news of KFC Kungfu Employee news whereby the employee hitting the customer by punching him the face cause a huge scene and the sales of KFC are dropping significantly. The news regarding the Trolley Girl that happened in the debate between the opposition leader and the government had also made quite a fuss in the country and it actually took more than 50% of the news section on television. Which myself found amusing to the citizens and everyone else watching. A more throughout news can be found easily on Google and you may find some of my other hubs are interesting.


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    • profile image

      Hassan from Morocco 3 years ago

      Thanks for the article. The only remark I have is the article contains some grammatical mistakes. plz proofread ur article. Thanks once again.

    • ultimatebot profile image

      ultimatebot 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah Penang Island is the best, the food, the beaches and the mountains are all amazing.

    • snlee profile image

      snlee 6 years ago from Asia Pacific Regions

      Hello, I know Malaysia is a nice place to go for vacation holiday and to escape from the cold winter. Penang island has nice beaches.