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Manchester United Gift Ideas

Updated on March 12, 2011
Old Trafford Picture taken by Meygun @ Flickr
Old Trafford Picture taken by Meygun @ Flickr

Finding a Manchester United Gift

If you are looking for a gift for a birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day or any other occasion and struggling to come up with ideas a Manchester United gift will be perfect - as long as the receiver is a Man United fan! In this hub I will show you my top 5 gift ideas for a Manchester United fan which will make a perfect present for any occasion!

If you are really stuck check out the poll near the end to find out what others think is the best Manchester United gift featured here and that should be a good guide on what to buy!

Gift Idea Number 1 Manchester United Shirt

Yes it is pretty obvious I admit however when you think about the receiver will also appreciate it a lot more than most other gifts! You may want to actually get a shirt which is one or two years old as you can save quite a lot of money and a new kit will go out of date anyway!

Or you may want to try to find an old retro Manchester United shirt as a sense of nostalgia and make him remember the glory days - there are some on the left in the Amazon section.  If you want to get an expensive gift how about a signed shirt!

Gift Idea Number 2 Man United Posters

If a shirt is a bit out of your price range how about a simple poster. There is a fantastic amount of choice of posters and they are a good gift. How about a picture of Old Trafford, a picture of the squad or of their favourite player! Maybe not Rooney though he does not have the best face!

A Manchester United poster is a great gift for a Manchester United supporter!

Gift Idea Number 3 Manchester United Soccer Ball

A Manchester United football/soccer ball is a great gift for younger fans and older ones and encourages them to play football outside as well - better than them sitting inside all day and maybe one day they will be the next Rooney!

There are many different choices and variations so you can pick the perfect Manchester United football!

Want to find other fantastic footballs?

Your favourite United Gift Idea

What is the best United Gift Idea

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Gift Idea Number 4 Manchester United Cufflinks

You could also get some cufflinks so he can show his love for Man United even at work and they do look quite nice too!  If you are looking for something slightly different this could be it!

Disclaimer: Cufflinks not recommend IF your boss is a Liverpool fan or hates Man United.  

Gift Idea Number 5 Manchester United Scarves

Football scarves are actually really good as they have many uses.

  1. Show what team you support
  2. Keep you warm
  3. Can be waved around at matches

They are a nice gift and are also not too expensive meaning you should consider getting one and they do have a practical use to - unlike some items!

You may also want to consider getting an Anti-Glazer Man United Scarf - if you want the Glazers out which you should if you are a Man U fan!

Manchester United Gifts Ideas Summary

As you can see there are many fantastic gifts you can get for a Manchester United fan and they will make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Whether a shirt, a ball or a poster I am sure they will love their Man United present!

I hope you enjoyed this hub and I am planning on writing other similar ones soon!


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    • profile image

      beckysmith18a 6 years ago

      Yes it is pretty obvious I admit however when you think about the receiver will also appreciate it a lot more than most other gifts!

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      Yes I have been on the tour and it was quite good and would make a nice gift. However saying that it was not amazing or anything.

    • experience days profile image

      Sarah Firmin 7 years ago from England, UK

      What about tours round old trafford? I went on one, and even though I'm a Leeds United fan (:-o) it was a good day out.

      Although i don't suppose there are that many man u fans close enough to get there!

    • profile image

      Manchester United fan 7 years ago

      I like the idea of a football, at least it gets them outside to play a bit.