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How to Throw a Martini Party!

Updated on January 20, 2013

Holiday (or Any Occasion) Fun

I had never heard of a martini party until last year, but thought of it when I bought my first stainless martini shaker. This could be fun! You can host one any time of year!

The Essentials

This is what I included in my party (after much brainstorming and internet researching). There are a ka-jillion recipes and possibilities, so I pruned it down to the following:

  1. The Martini Menu for guests (and recipes for me, the hostess)
  2. Vodka
  3. A shaker and a muddler (Look it up - I'd never heard of it either!)
  4. Other ingredients (according to recipes - many can be used in multiple drinks)
  5. Big martini glasses (you can fill half way and not spill) pre-chilled in freezer
  6. 3 big containers of salt (89 cents/each - this was because I was serving some red cocktails and had beige carpet - just douse that spill with salt and leave it 'til next day and vacuum - totally disappears)
  7. Finger foods: bread, cheese, fruit, etc.
  8. Frank Sinatra music

The Martini Menu

Make as many choices as you can reasonably handle. You can just use Word and create a sharp-looking menu quite easily. (My printer wasn't working, so I just sat my computer open on top of my kitchen bar where everyone could peruse the menu.) Here's what mine looked like (but without the lines). It happened to be a party for families, so I included plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, too:


I'd have to say this was the most successful party I've ever hosted, but a big part of the fun for me was researching all the recipes and coming up with some truly unique ideas. A good time was had by all - even the designated drivers!


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