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Meaning of Christmas

Updated on May 13, 2012

Christmas Season

Celebrating Christmas has become a holiday time for everyone regardless of your race , age , religion , countries . People from all over the world celebrates Christmas like a family get together and reunion. Presents are exchange as a time to share and letting your love ones know how much they are been appreciated. Is only once a year peoples buy gifts for their love ones & also having a warm dinner gets together.  

You never seen any other festivals been celebrated this way by so many people of different culture and race.Christmas has surpassed all and truly come out to be the most warm hearted season to be share and to give. Also a time to have a big heart to forgive others and to reconcile with family , friends and love ones. 

God truly want us all to love each other , all humanity to live in harmony and peace and this is the season to celebrate this special time. The country where i live will always rain a day or two before Christmas day. Is like a cleansing on earth & to bring a brand new day on Christmas day. I notice each Christmas day is filled with peace and serenity. Christians would go to church in the morning and singing hymns really lighten up one's soul.  

The world is filled with peace and hope for a brand new day bringing people from all over the world together sharing Christmas binding them together to share the joy of this wonderful time. Also if you can bring joy to the less fortunate and the homeless would be even more significant because this is the time to share and give love to everyone. The true meaning of Christmas is giving love to be spread around & be compassionate in your heart. Then you will get the Blessing all through the year and beyond. 



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    • patski profile image

      patski 8 years ago from Singapore

      Hi AEvans , happy to have you as my fan -) . Yes Christmas is a great holiday season to share with those you love and also the less fortunate. Thanks for dropping by & I love reading your articles too , keep it up !

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I love christmas to and it certainly is a time for peace. It is also great to read an article about something cool and refreshing when summer has begun. :)